Zaffis gets spooky with his fans

Recently, I attended the Rome Investigations of the Paranormal’s presentation of the paranormal featuring, John Zaffis, the paranormal investigator and Demonologist at the Shoppes at the Finish Line, 809 Court St., Utica. Before the presentation, I had a private question and answer with Zaffis. He explained to me the reason why he became interested in the paranormal that was due to a personal experience, seeing his deceased grandfather standing at the foot of his bed shaking his head.

He also told me about his 110 cases of exorcisms that he has assisted with. Each case was different and unique in its own way and might not be solved with just one exorcism. Zaffis had an extremely interesting outlook on the paranormal, one I will not soon forget. When the presentation began, it featured more than 85 slides of paranormal evidence along with a question and answer from the audience, with Zaffis. He believes that you take away much more if you ask questions rather than just looking at slides.

Everyone who attended were allowed to go to the second floor and touch and look at the equipment of the Rome Investigators of the Paranormal. Later that night, Zaffis and the Rome Investigators of the Paranormal, led groups of ten on an investigation of the second and third floor. The investigation included and EVP session and use of a thermo camera. I definitely enjoyed attending this event. It was an interesting, learning experience. I would definitely go to another event like this.

Helena Mastracco
– The Fuze Magazine

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