Where’s My Pac Man?!


imageI was out and about the other day and noticed that everyone is on their phones, walking around with earbuds in or on their laptops. Ironically, it almost seems like all of these different ways to communicate are causing us to become more antisocial. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of antisocial, as well as technology. Without it, I wouldn’t have an avenue, like Fuze, for my insane ramblings. I’m just trying to do my best to catch up with everything.

I remember getting my first video game system when I was a kid. It was an Atari and the graphics were amazing! Apparently, in 1982 my vision was suspect at best. Today, you can carry all of your favorite games in your pocket. Back then, you needed a wheelbarrow or at the very least giant pockets to carry your game system. After about five years, the quality of gaming jumped up and you could either update your system or be subject to the ridicule of those on the forefront of 1987 technology. At least back then you had five good years with your system before it became obsolete. I remember buying my latest Xbox as soon as it came out and the kid behind the counter(who, by the way was way too young to be that arrogant) saying that I was crazy to buy it, since there’s a better one coming out next month. Next month?! That doesn’t even give me time to financially recover from this purchase and the inevitable breakup that will follow the gaming addiction that I intend to acquire.

I guess the same trend is going on with everything technological. DVD’s to Blue Rays to NetFlix… What’s next? The movie stars will actually come to your house and act out your favorite movies and tv shows? While that sounds cool, I’d rather not have to prepare vegan meal for Natalie Portman or let John Goodman use my bathroom. I thought it was awesome when my family got its first VCR! (For those of you who are way to young, that is not some type of Veterans of the Chinese Revolution organization.) It took a long time for something to overtake the VHS technology. The laser disk had a short run after, but once the DVD took over, it was just a race to see who could come up with the next “big thing”. I do love the ease at which all visual entertainment is available, but I do miss the soothing hum of my VCR, only slightly masked by the actual sound of the movie and the loud “clunk” afterward, which indicated you were kind and completed the rewind.

The same goes for music. I use to have a huge album collection and would listen to several of them every night. The sound of the needle always reminded of bacon frying. Now, anytime I hear one of my favorite songs from the 80’s I am compelled to fry up some pork. That could be the reason that all of my favorite rockers from the that era are now morbidly obese. Then came 8-Tracks which were just the inconveniently large version of the cassette, but at least both were portable. Who doesn’t remember veering into a field in their mom’s car, while rummaging through their leather tape case in the back seat? Well, my best friend from high school doesn’t, but he should’ve been wearing his seatbelt. Along comes the CD and everything changes. It’s convenient to carry and sounds so much better, plus you don’t need to carry a pencil on you at all times, in case of a “rewind emergency”. Of course after that, the IPod came along, which was great, but where’s the fun you got from going to the record store, thumbing through the albums/CDs and discovering something you didn’t even know you wanted? At least technology makes it more convenient to stay in shape. Ever try to jog with a turntable on your back? the extension cord will only reach so far.

Of course, our phones are now providing all of this entertainment in one amazing device. Some people are not fans of the smart phones, but I’m for anything that can make a call, send a text, check an email, post to facebook and take a picture all while I’m struggling to maneuver through the aisles of the grocery store. All of this replaces talking to people directly, which is not a good thing. On the other hand, anything that can provide porn anywhere and at any time can’t be all bad, right? The key is to try to keep up with each and every update. You don’t want to be stuck with last week’s technology. Don’t be playing Pac Man while all of your friends are talking about Ms. Pac Man. How embarrassing.

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