Waterloo: More than outlet shopping…There’s Rock-n-Roll too!

Nasty Habit


Break out of the funk with a night filled with music that will rip through your soul Saturday, April 4 at Fna’s Rhythm & Booze located at 3-5 Virginia Street in Waterloo. Hitting the stage and ready to rock your world is Cry to the Blind, Nasty Habit, Caustic Method, Nine Round and Terawatt. $5 will get you through the door. Music will kick off at 8 p.m.

In case you are not familiar with one of these bands – which everyone should be – check out their bios and videos to help you out. And, support your local music scene. How can you go wrong for $5?


Nasty Habit

These relative youngsters bonded over a love of old school 80’s metal and glam rock, and they transitioned that love from identifying with it as a perfect soundtrack to actually making it themselves.  From there, it’s been a lot of attention on this band, with Frank DeBlase of Rochester’s City Newspaper, going on the record to say, “This band is so much more than a youth-gone-wild glam jam or an Aquanetted pastiche. This is loud, loose, and raucous fun; a celebration of defiance, decadence, and sex appeal.”   Nasty Habit is committed to bringing something new to the style of music they feel inside them.  They recently recorded an album, Desperate Times Desperate Measures for which they are currently touring, and have gathered fans from across the country based on their online content and presence.  Catch these up-and-commers before they tour themselves right out of our area.  You can say you saw them when.




Cry to the Blind

They are a heavy modern rock band from Upstate New York. Focused on creating a therapeutic release for their fans, their music takes a positive spin on the negative energy that surrounds us every day.
Their sound has the aggression of current modern rock bands, combined with the soul of music from past generations. Drawing on influences from metal to classic rock, the band channels their musical experience into a sound that is original thought provoking, and undeniably real.




Caustic Method

They are 100% Pure American Metal. Filling the void in modern metal with raw unapologetic aggression and passion, without the trend hopping bullshit.





Terawatt is an all balls thundering Rock ‘n’ Roll band hailing from Waterloo, New York. The hard driving no frills Rock ‘n’ Roll loved by many generations is played by Zach Reynolds on guitar, Frankie Caswell on guitar, Chris VanOrden on bass, Tom Villa on vocals, and Drew Dejohn on drums. Before you take a listen it’s best to prepare for this wall of sound that’ll blast out of your speakers and smack you in the face!




Nine Round

Nine Round hit the ground running in late 2009 and has not looked back. In their short history they opened up K Rockathon 15 and shared the stage with Avenged Sevenfold, Flyleaf, All That Remains, Limp Bizkit and many more. They have also opened for Smile Empty Soul, Taproot, hardcore legends Hatebreed, and have an upcoming date in Rochester with Kittie.

Nine Round’s promise is to always deliver a high energy and intense live show. Their set will promise something for everyone, from metal to rock to hardcore; Nine Round covers all of the bases, in an edgy and uncompromising fashion.



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