Utica gears up for Boilermaker

The Boilermaker 15K & 5K Road Race


UTICA — It’s almost time for the area’s premier 15K race to step off, and whether you’re running it or just watching, a little bit of planning will help ensure a successful event, Boilermaker Road Race officials said.

On Sunday, July 13, some 14,000 runners will tackle the 15K race, while another 4,500 run the 5K. That’s a lot of people to move through the streets of  Utica, and that’s before factoring in the thousands of people who come out to watch and cheer on the runners.

A little advanced planning could make all the difference between having a great race and not even making it to the starting line, says Mary MacEnroe, Boilermaker public relations director.

Boilermaker3That said, her first tip for runners is NOT to plan on catching the last shuttle to the starting line. “Plan on taking the first,” she says. That way, if the shuttle fills before you get on it, you know you can catch the next one.

This year, runners should think ahead to where they plan to park. Due to the arterial construction project, many previous parking areas may not be available this year, MacEnroe says. The same applies to spectators, who will also need to arrive early to find an appropriate place to park before making their way to the course.

Those dropping runners off should drop them at a shuttle location. Shuttles will run from the corner of Court and State streets and Whitesboro Street from 6-7 a.m. The 15K race begins at 8 a.m. There are no shuttles for the 5K race, which begins at 7:15 a.m. on Burrstone Road, but Sunset Avenue will be open until 6:30 a.m. to allow access to parking.

MacEnroe also urges runners to attend the Planet Fitness Health and Wellness Expo on Friday, July 11. Held from noon-7 p.m. at Mohawk Valley Community College, the Expo provides runners the opportunity to pick up their race packets prior to the race. That means runners can check their bib information to make sure it’s correct, MacEnroe said. “That way, if there are any issues, we can address it then,” she said. On race day, it’s too late to change anything.

On race day, she advises runners to start their day with a light but energizing breakfast such as a protein drink or some bananas. Anything heavier than that and it might come back up during the race!

Runners should lay out their race clothes the night before and make sure they wear their bibs on the front.

“Only run with the number assigned to you because that’s your actual ID,” she cautioned. A runner’s bib is the only way to identify a runner on the course, she said, and that’s especially important in the case of a medical emergency.

Boilermaker10“Each year, we serve over 100 people in the medical tent that didn’t plan on being there,” MacEnroe said. “We want this to be a safe race for everybody.”

Runners who don’t feel well that morning should consider skipping the race, she adds. The Boilermaker does offer a deferment program that offers a limited guaranteed spot in 2015 to runners that can’t compete this year.

With more than 40 entertainment spots along the course, runners are urged to leave their headphones at home and enjoy the entertainment provided along the course. Entertainment Committee members Jerry Kraus, Kyle Simpson, and Lorrie Tibbits have put together a great line up of entertainers from local radio stations to bands and DJs to keep runners moving and grooving all the way to the end of the course. (See attached list for complete entertainment lineup.)

Once they reach the finish line, it’s important that runners keep moving down the chute towards the post-race area, MacEnroe says. That keeps the finish line clear for other runners.

Runners should plan in advanced where to meet up with family members and others. “We do have a family reunion area,” MacEnroe says.

The post-race area is where runners will find all sorts of food from McDonald’s, Price Chopper, Saranac, Pepsi, Freihofer’s and others, as well as entertainment.

Finally, runners should take a moment to take it all in and reflect on what they’ve accomplished. You’ve survived 9.3 miles under the hot sun, made it up Heartbreak Hill, and finished one of the nation’s best 15K races. Be proud of yourself – and then go enjoy that post-race celebration!

2014 Boilermaker Entertainment

Lite 98.7 – The Starting Line

Bruce Melnick DJ – 705 Culver Ave

The Shriners Band – The Willows – Culver Ave

Audio King DJ – 1112 Culver Ave

Downtown & Uptown Brown – Burth Garage – Culver Ave

Drummer2International Mile – Mile 1 -2 : Starts at corner of Culver Ave & Albany St

The Red Band (part of International Mile) – In median, front of 1113 Parkway

Mix 102.5 – 1027 Parkway

Big Beat DJs – 1003 Parkway

The Band – CP – 805 Parkway

Majestic DJ’s – 418 Valley View Road

DJ Rose   – 400 Valley View Road

Fritz’s Polka Band – Parks Department Garage (Golf Course)

KROCK  – Maintenance Garage (Golf Course)

JB & the Crew   – Upper Golf Course Road

WUTQ 100.7 – Master Gardens Road- Golf Course

92.7 The DRIVE & The Rick Short Band – Utica Zoo Entrance (Parkway)

DJ JMC  – Utica School Admin. Bldg (106 Memorial Parkway)

KISS-FM – McDonald’s (Genesee St)

Sound Investment DJ – Walgreen’s (Genesee St)

WOUR  96.9 – Murnane Field

Radionix Band   – Murnane Field

The Pomeranians – Tony’s Pizza (Burrstone Rd. & Sunset Ave. corner)

Rated PG Productions DJ – The Finger Bullet (Burrstone Road & Bennett St.)

Tribute to First Responders – On the Burrstone Road bridge

Steve Bennett   – Burrstone Road

Scotty’s DJ – 1527 Old Burrstone Road

Joe Load DJ – Champlin House (Champlin Ave.)

Letizia and the Z-Band

Letizia and the Z-Band

Rockin’ Express DJ – Utica College (Champlin Ave.)

‘Run To The Drums’ – House of the Good Shepherd (Champlin Ave.)

American Mile/Military Tribute – Mile 7 – 8

Crazy Fools – ELK Lodge- Champlin Ave

The Stilt Guy – ELK Lodge- Champlin Ave

DJ Unlimited – Champlin Ave / Campbell Ave

Rich Light DJ – 922 Champlin Ave

Boiler Jam Band  – 2133 Whitesboro Street / Harry’s Break Service

OLDIEZ 96 – Kellogg Ave / Whitesboro Street- CJ Motors

Ultimate Transaction DJ’S – Utica Fire Dept. #1 House- Whitesboro Street

Upstate Vibe Entertainment – Good And Easy Store- Whitesboro Street

Mohawk Valley Frasers (Bag Pipers) – Utica Psych Center (Court Street)

BIG FROG 104 –  Longo Auto- Court St. & Lenox Ave


Post Party at F.X. Matts Brewing Co., 811 Edwards St. – Letizia and the Z-Band


Traci DeLore
The Fuze Magazine

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