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If you’re interested in a friendly setting, delicious food, or a few tasty treats, look no further than to Utica Brews Café. Located at The Shoppes at the Finish Line on 809 Court St. in Utica, Utica Brews Café offers a comfortable yet rustic environment, creating unique appeal for travelers and locals alike.

Inside the café, exposed brick, piping, and numerous wooden beams detail its interior look. Chef Marcus Zwierecki and General Manager Sue Keller provide a relaxing and accommodating atmosphere great for either friend’s meeting up for lunch, or business.

Sue-Keller-1Expect gracious food portions complimented by fast, efficient service. Signature sandwiches include: The Boilermaker- named after the famous road race, the Tiger lily- named after the Tiger Lily Quilt Co. located in the same building, and The Apparition- named after incidents of paranormal activity rumored to take place at The Shoppes at the Finish Line. Available to order in two different sizes and served on Spano’s bread, Andy’s New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwich is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a hearty, filling dish. Adorned with the original name of The Finish Shoppe from the 1800’s, The Globe Mill gives customers a little taste of history. A staple of Utica, The Utica Club is also available to order: made with Ham, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mustard, choice of cheese and bread served with salt potato salad and a pickle.

Homemade goods are made daily at the café. If you’re simply interested in a cup of coffee and something sweet to go with it, you can seat yourself at the coffee bar. Enjoy some Utica Roasting Coffee, and a taste of the café’s variety of delectable homemade treats, including their Sweet Potato Muffins and their Brookies: a brownie based snack, with a chocolate chip cookie crowned on top, baked into a delicious creation for your satisfaction.

Mark-Zwierecki-1An outside deck provides outdoor seating. Food is served outside of the café on Saranac Thursdays. Patio furniture used for tables and seating is also available for purchase. Utica Brews shirts are available to purchase for $15. The café’s hours of operations are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., on Saturdays.

Serving fresh ingredients, Utica Roasting Coffee, Saranac products, and a warm welcome, Utica Brews Café stands as a unique and excellent addition to local business. Utica Brews Café offers customers with a great experience to remember.

By: E. O’Meara








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