Travis Meek of Days of the New captivates audience

Travis Meek


DSC_0836_editedFrom the late 1990s, Days of the New has stood out as one of those haunting, evocative bands that elbowed out their space in the then fading wave of grunge artists by having something that ran deeper into the hearts of fans.  No easy listening, the band challenged and stretched perceptions from the ears and souls of their audience.  Dedicated to writing and performing acoustically, Travis Meeks has crafted intelligent sometimes heart wrenching songs that remain sensitive without being weak.  He and his band helped illustrate how music would bridge the gap between the post hair metal rock, grunge, and the wave of music that was to come.

Days of the New has shared their fair amount of changes, growth and creative license along their journey and it says a lot about the dedication of a performer like Travis that he preservers to this day.  Rising over and above personal hardships, creative differences with band mates and an ever changing music scene, Travis met this current tour with the same determination he has utilized throughout his career.  Say what you will about this act and the man who drives it, but he has continued to make his music against all odds and delivered an absolutely captivating performance at the Oneonta Theater on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014.

Afterwards, we patiently waited for our chance to speak with Travis and hear some of his story told out from behind his guitar.  The results were memorable, and we’re pleased to share them with you now.


*Warning – This video interview contains strong language not suitable for children ages 17 or under.



Melissa L. Walker
-The Fuze Magazine

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