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Tompkins Drive Band broke onto the scene with a determination like no other to perform Country music shows that fans will never forget. The band might be new to Central New York but they have a presence of Country music veterans. These guys were recently selected to share the upcoming Frog Fest stage with Chris Janson, Alexandria Corn, Eddie Arcuri and Lonesome Dove on June 10. But if you want to catch their magic on stage before then we suggest you head over to the Tin Rooster Saturday, May 13 for a night filled with your favorite Country tunes. The dance floor will be filled with cowboy boots and hats while everyone is dancing to the hottest country songs to hit the airwaves. Make sure y’all get there early so you can wrangle up your favorite spot so you don’t miss any of the action. Music kicks off at 10 p.m. Tin Rooster is located at Exit 33/Turning Stone Resort & Casino, 5218 Patrick Road in Verona.

We recently were able to catch up with the band and get the scoop on the band, their passion, upcoming shows and more. Check it out!


Fuze: What was your inspiration when creating this band?
Tompkins Drive Band: Tompkins Drive Band was formed in 2016 by Silas Tompkins II and Tommy Russell. With Modern Country music changing and becoming so popular Silas and Tommy felt this was the direction to take their next project but with some traditional values. Where your bands mates are your extended family and you support your fellow musicians. The goal was to form a likeminded team with great guitar tone, solid drums, solid bass and strong vocals. TDB lineup is: Silas Tompkins II (Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vocals) in 2016, Tommy Russell (Drums / Backing Vocals) in 2016, John Fleming (Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals) in 2016, Jeremy Clark (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals) in 2016. The connection between the musicians is exactly what they all have been looking for. In addition, Joshua Hanrahan & Silas Tompkins Sr. (Stage Crew) rounding out the team.

Fuze: Have you opened for any touring country bands?
Tompkins Drive Band:  Our first as Tompkins Drive will be Chris Jansen at Frog Fest 29. We have also been scheduled to open for two additional touring country acts, one in mid-summer and the other to occur early fall. The venues and acts will be announced as soon as all paperwork has been finalized.

Fuze: Who would you love to share the stage with?
Tompkins Drive Band:  Double or triple billing with other top local bands would be a lot of fun. Any offers above and beyond that would truly be amazing and we would welcome them with open arms.

Fuze: How do you think the more modern sounding country has affected the industry?
Tompkins Drive Band:  We believe today’s country is developed for the younger crowd … bringing more energy to the music and the shows. It seems like each generation someone tries to re-invent the wheel and push the boundaries. We understand that change needs to happen but we hope that it doesn’t go too far and forget the roots of country music. As a band, sometimes you have to roll with it to stay relevant in the industry and that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a few traditional songs in your roster to pay homage to the Greats in the industry.

Fuze: Do you guys play original music, covers or a combination of both in your sets?
Tompkins Drive Band:  Currently we play covers from today’s hottest stars and there has been talk to collaborate on original music.

Fuze: What can people expect at your upcoming show at the Tin Rooster?
Tompkins Drive Band:  The passion we have for Country music allows us to play from the heart and the support we receive from of all the Country music fans at every show turns that energy into a Rockin’ Country time!

Fuze: Where has been the farthest place you have traveled to for a gig?
Tompkins Drive Band: To date, Tioga Downs Casino – Nichols, NY. and willing to travel further…

Fuze: What do you guys do off the stage for fun as a collective group?
Tompkins Drive Band:  Believe it or not, when we have a weekend off, we will occasionally go out and support the other local bands in the area. There is such a multitude of local talent out there.  We feel blessed and are truly humbled to be part of that same local country music scene.  We favor camaraderie over competition with our fellow musicians.

Fuze: What would be your dream tour?
Tompkins Drive Band:  Any tour would be a dream come true but for now, we would love to double bill with other local and regional bands.

Fuze: You will be hitting the big stage at FrogFest 29. Are you guys nervous? Do you have anything big planned?
Tompkins Drive Band:  Without a doubt, we’re all very excited about FrogFest 29. I’m sure the nerves will be at a higher level than normal. Once we take the stage, hit our first note, and look out and see all the fantastic friends and fans we’ve made on this journey, the nerves will settle down and we will put on one heck of a show. Nothing big planned just doing what we do best and that is playing music from the heart.


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