The Strawberry Jam Community Food Drive

Strawberry6The Strawberry Jam Community Food Drive started in a strawberry field with a strawberry daydream. Wait, that sounds like a fairytale! Lets get on with the real story, this event did start with a dream though, a dream to bring music, community and love together in one place, well many places to be exact. Which was a success!

The Strawberry Jam didn’t start in Schoharie, New York nor will it end there. The jam seeks out community’s in need bringing happiness, awareness, music and people together! Late last year Mama Strawberry took a ride through The Schoharie valley and was completely amazed at the amount of destruction and heart ache hurricane Irene had still been left behind in this valley, even two years later. She would have never had any idea if she had not taken a look herself, she knew then she wasn’t just seeking a potential new site for her annual family reunion food drive and community building benefit, she was looking at a new focus for extended community support and a new mission for Our Productions and for the people to be reminded we haven’t forgot about them during their on going healing process.

Strawberry1The Strawberry Jam continues with another general message to remember everyone that there is a community behind every music scene. People and bands from all around New York and other states truly helped to bring the event together! Bands including Whiskey Reverb, Universal Transit, Slug, Free Grass union and so many more astounding musical artists to speak of. The music played all day and well into the night! This event also included a mind-bending glow & flow area, along with fiery POI artists. The families had a small Kiddie Village, right next to family camping, which included a music circle, Tye-Dying sessions & laughter! There was also food for sale & free water at the gate for all! A little Home away from home some would say! Also a surprise small gem show inside the jam, many miners from upstate New York and surrounding areas attended, all having a love of minerals, some from right here in New York and all over other states, they came together here to sell, share & trade minerals! Musicians, families, artists and the community alike came together for a good cause and a good time!
“When success of LOVE, unity and community is applied we truly made those goals with abundance, we put over 250lbs of food in the Blenheim, NY food bank and a little over a half a pick up truck load of clothes, hygiene products and assorted others items for the Blenheim, NY thrift store, also we are thanking the community of Blehiem, NY & the Bands, staff and Volunteers. We are also planning & looking forward to The Strawberry Jam 2015, ” – Mama Strawberry matriarch and founder of the Strawberry Jam.
Shey Rock

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