The Rick Short Band – Album Review


Rick2Robert Palmer, The Talking Heads and Bon Jovi: These are the artists that come to mind when listening to ‘Fool Too Long,’ the latest release from the Utica, NY residents The Rick Short Band.  Founded in 2010, this five piece ensemble mixes jam rock with deep, groovy bass lines, crisp and clean guitar solos and storytelling that at times is reminiscent of the Pixies. In fact, much like Pixies’ front man Black Francis, band founder Rick Short boasts the title song writer, lead vocalist and guitarist for his group (hence the name, The Rick Short Band).  Standouts for this album include the catchy jam “I Don’t Remember Your Name” as well as the title track “Fool Too Long.”  The biggest treat though is female vocalist Callendra Comstock, who croons in a Chrissie Hyde rasp during the tracks “Time For Me” and the funky, bass heavy number “Sun, Go Down.”   Drummer Eddie Reilly also lends his voice on a few songs, making the album stronger thanks to its vocal diversity.  At times however, it does feel as if the record would benefit from a change of pace; perhaps something a little darker or slower.  The band is clearly talented and has enough depth to delve in a little deeper, something they might consider for their next release.

That being said, “Fool Too Long” is filled with 13 up-tempo, upbeat tunes that will keep you moving throughout your day.  Furthermore, YouTube videos of previous performances prove that not only does the band sound just as good (if not better) live, but they genuinely enjoy creating music with one another, making the experience all the more enjoyable for the crowd.  So if you are longing for the clean, crisp familiarity of the classic rock era blended with the fun and funky sounds of today’s soulful jam bands, The Rick Short Band is a group that can easily fill that tall order.


Kelly Mason / The Fuze Magazine


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