The Provisional – Album Review – ‘Cronco Lite’

A Fresh Spin On Celtic Rock
The Provisional is a Celtic rock duo consisting of Minneapolis-St. Paul musicians, Tony Dennison and Brian Barrett. Their first release, “Cronco Lite,” contains eight tracks and puts a fresh spin on the upbeat style of Celtic Rock with which we are all familiar with. Meshing styles of rock, punk, Irish rock and even a little Christian rock, The Provisional’s “Cronco Lite” puts forth a unique style of music based around upbeat banjo/mandolin work with a strong drum backbeat. Brian’s bass, banjo and mandolin work, along with his vocals are complimented perfectly by Tony’s strong drumming and stellar harmonies. Perfect examples of this can be found in tracks like, “Holy Holy Holy” and “Londonderry,” while tracks like “Waltzing Matilda” give us a taste of the traditional Celtic style. While listening to this album, you’ll get the feeling that you’re sitting a pub in Ireland, enjoying a pint of Guiness and watching a couple locals pump out some great drinking songs.

While you might know Tony Dennison from Dischord Record’s, Smart Went Crazy or being a founding member of D.C.’s The Caribbean, this latest project takes his music in a different and supremely enjoyable direction. Being a lover of all things Gaelic, I found this offering to be very distinctive and every song had me tapping my foot. “Cronco Lite” is a fun and upbeat album from this duo and contains musical contributions from their family and friends, which is what the Celtic style has always embraced. Do yourself a favor and check out The Provisional’s “Cronco Lite,” which is available for download at Tip back a pint of stout and enjoy some fine Celtic music in the process from The Provisional. Slainte!


Ted Snyder / The Fuze Magazine


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