The 2nd Annual Stoned Soul Picnic comes together with music

Raunchy Randos


Mohawk Valley Renovations is sponsoring a unique event that is sure to please all: The 2nd Annual Stoned Soul Picnic from 4 – 10 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 20 at 1538 Miller St., Utica (Commercial Lot). A little history on the first event: it was first held in Newmarket, NH at which The Raunchy Randos (formerly Flemenco in the Bathtub) played and premiered their unique 1960’s style liquid light show. This year’s picnic is hoping to bridge their two worlds. Mohawk Valley Renovations will also be providing the food and drink. And, don’t forget to bring out your inner child with you. There will be arts & crafts supplied to spice up the atmosphere. There are three bands set to play: Substance, a family funk band; Copper Vein Clones, a progressive rock band (both local); and the Raunchy Randos, a high-energy psych-rock band. Also, a crystal shine will be featured on site. There is a $5 suggested donation to help cover expenses.

Get the skinny on the musical performers before the show!

4:30 p.m.
Substanance is a New York based rock band. The group primarily plays alternative with elements of space rock, funk, reggae, and jam rock. Substanance consists of Joe Coniguliaro on guitar, and his two sons, Ben and Quinn on drums and bass. The word “Substanance” is a play on words, combining “substance” and “sustenance”



CopperCopper Vein Clones
6:30 p.m.
Copper Vein Clones is a three piece abstract rock band from Utica, NY playing original music. The sound of Copper Vein Clones is a particular blend of organic rock instruments and electronic synth textures. The band is composed of Ryan Connarton (vocals/guitar/synths), Rocco Branck III (bass), and Austin Evanchak (drums). Their dynamic live performances are always delivered in a unique and improvisational way.


Raunchy Randos
8:30 p.m.

Three wandering souls, all of exquisite musical caliber, came together in autumn 2013 in Newmarket, NH to form music for wizards and sorcerers. A brilliant witch came up with the captivating name of The Raunchy Randos to accurately portray the wanton nature of these wild cowboys. The band has been hard at work and achieved the birth of an eclectic group of hit singles recently compiled into an EP released on Mayday 2014.

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