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Howe Caverns


Whether you live in Upstate NY, are merely driving through, or are looking for a fun affordable family vacation, Howe Caverns, 255 Discovery Dr., Howes Cave, NY is one of the Upstate NY attractions you don’t want to miss.

Each tour of Howe Caverns starts with a 156 foot descent below the earth’s surface.

Your journey winds through limestone corridors, cavernous galleries, under massive boulders, to a subterranean riverbed carved over countless millennia. Deep in the cave, solid rock appears fluid: creating strange formations, flowing sheets and dripping stalactites. Mysterious grottos lead off into distant, unexplored passages. Shadows hide secrets in every crack and crevice. The path twists and turns ever downward to the glassy surface of an underground lake that trails off into the absolute darkness of the cave’s Eastern Terminus… this is the Howe Caverns experience.

Your specially-trained tour guide will help you negotiate the cave and learn about the magnificent limestone formations, the stalactites, stalagmites and flowstone, and the tremendous conservation effort underway to protect and preserve Howe Caverns for future generations.

If you’re looking for a great learning experience for a group of kids, check out our affordable school tours and scout tours. Our cave tours make great homeschooling field trips too.

Want to stay at one of the best family vacation spots in Upstate NY? Check out our affordable vacation packages, including our Tour and Stay Package.

When you take advantage of our affordable vacation packages, you get more time to enjoy all that Howe Caverns has to offer, including The Cave House Museum of Mining & Geology, gemstone mining, scenic bike rides, nearby hiking trails, and other Upstate NY attractions.

For more information, call (518) 296-8900.

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