Take a spooky trip through out New York State

Many places date back to the 1800’s with a history unknown to most, but the ones with personal experiences, history so dark that ghosts just might be trying to escape. From run down insane asylums to restaurants and old military forts, these places are spooky enough for professional and amateur ghost hunters.


FarnamFarnam Mansion
Oneida, NY

The mansion was built sometime in between 1865 and 1870. This house was built for Stephen H. Farnam who also died in this home November 17, 1897. Many other owned it, Mary Jackson, a women activist; Dr. Crockett, who suffered a fatal heart attack in the laboratory of the mansion in 1946; Dr. Hummer who was also found deceased in his bedroom, of cancer, two years after his wife was found dead in the parlor of the mansion. With a chilling past, the house holds many stories. Many people, who encounter paranormal activity in this home, believe whoever died there, never left. There have been reports of strange phenomena while staying there, including, phantom cats, apparitions, shadows, sounds and sensation throughout the property.



BeardsleeBeardslee Castle
St Johnsville, NY

In the 1700’s, it was said to be in the middle of Indian battle grounds during the French and Indian war. People strongly believe that this history has strong connections to the spooky occurrences here. While being a beautiful spot for weddings and parties alike, many people have spoken of their own personal experience. From the women in the white dress to random lights and even being touched! Many folks have experienced “The lantern light.” Some people will even pull over, stop their cars and get out chasing the light! Some believe it’s the ghost of Mr. Beardslee searching the grounds for a lost child who drowned in the pond.




FORTFort William Henry Museum
Lake George, NY

During the French and Indian war some Native Americans went on a killing spree after defeating the British and began massacring and cannibalizing survivors, possibly more than 1,000 people! It’s thought that their tortured souls may be still roaming the land! There have been rumors of flickering lights, a moving bottle and even apparitions fighting. The show Ghost Hunters on Syfy did an investigation which aired during season 6. Here are the highlights from their investigation:

Jason and Grant hear and record heavy footsteps above the gift shop area – and where they were coming from were display cases so NO ONE could have been walking there!  Adam gets to work trying to disprove that the bottles could move independently.  Meanwhile K.J. and Amy hear something running around the gift shop.  Steve and Tango hear someone cough in the Colonel’s office.  Jason and Grant find loads of beehives inside the cannons, a sign that there’s probably a lot of animal activity that could be confused for paranormal activity.

Ghost Tours

As seen on the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”

“With this much history, there are bound to be some ghost stories…”

The area surrounding Fort William Henry has been the scene for countless battles, terrible disease and harsh climate.  With hundreds of years of history, there are bound to be some ghost stories.  Join us for a tour of ghostly places.  See first-hand, the equipment used by investigators in their quest to research paranormal activity.  Hear the stories that have been handed down over the years, as well as the personal experiences of those leading the tour.

Reservations are required tours. Space is Limited. To make a reservation, call 518-964-6649.




OLD_KNOX_MANSION_1_tx728_fsharpenThe Knox Mansion
Johnstown, NY

The Olde Knox Mansion, located in Johnstown, NY, is a 42 room palace built in 1898 for 1.2 million dollars. Charles and Rose Knox started “Knox Gelatin”, until Charles passed away in 1908 and Rose took over the business. Many local people believe the stories they have heard about the mansion. Marty Quinn, who is the current owner, has stated that unbelievers of the supernatural leave the mansion as believers. There have been reports of hearing children, and unexplained events such as doors slamming, footsteps, and fragile items being broken. Mr. Quinn has even reported the lights turning on and off in the master bedroom. People who have been in the mansion say they can’t help but feel like they’re being watched! Unexplained screams are often heard in the mansion during the night. Sometimes, they’re even touched. A ghost of an older woman wearing a long black Victorian dress has been seen roaming the halls at night. Some believe Rose Knox’s spirit never left the mansion when she passed on September 28, 1950.



OtegagaOtesaga Hotel
Cooperstown, NY

It has been featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters and is frequented by many paranormal investigators from all across the country. If you are looking to be creeped out, you’ll want to stay in rooms 307 or 585, but anywhere on the third or fifth floors tend to be hot spots for paranormal activity. From children laughing when no children are staying as guests, to hearing furniture being pushed around on the 6th floor which doesn’t exist, there are all sorts of experiences that many, many people have witnessed firsthand. The Otesaga is a great place for EVP recordings and once a year they do an organized ghost hunt which allows you to search the hotel all night long. They are usually closed in the winter (as Cooperstown is a summer resort town), so it is the perfect time to arrange your own ghost hunting expedition with no guests to interfere with your findings!




Rolling1Rolling Hills Asylum
East Bethamy, NY

Before becoming infamously known as Rolling Hills Asylum and a widely documented hotbed of paranormal activity, the property was originally named The Genesee County Poor Farm, often affectionately referred to as “The Old County Home”.

In 1828 Genesee County constructed a stone building attached to the Poorhouse for the confinement of lunatics and a repository for paupers committed for misconduct.  The insane were also housed at the County Home until 1887 when the Board of Supervisors agreed to send “persons suffering with acute insanity” elsewhere in the state.

The  Genesee County Poor Farm aka The County Home, was a self-sufficient working farm and woods, spanning over 200 acres, providing  food and fuel, thus the actual cost to care for each person was low, about $1.08 per week per resident, back in 1871.

Residents were referred to as inmates (no matter why they were housed there) and those physically able-bodied would work the farm and many actually built and made wares to sell to help offset some of the living expenses.  The raising of Holsteins, pigs, draft horses, chickens and ducks, raising vegetable and fruit  crops, canning jams, jellies, meats, were all part of the chores, there was a bakery and even a wood shop where coffins were made (for use as needed and for sale to local mortuaries).

The County would bury those who had no family, and records indicate there was once a cemetery located on the property, but the particulars are almost nonexistent.  An 1886 Proceeding states “The burying ground we have improved by building a fence in front and grading and leveling the ground as much as could be done without injury to the graves.”



SppokSpook Rock Road – Haunted History Trail
Hudson, NY

In the eastern part of Greenport there is a street by the Claverack Creek called Spook Rock Road. Local legend has it that an Indian princess of great beauty ran off with her lover without her father’s blessing. In their flight the two youths paused to rest on a boulder in the creek. By breaking Indian tradition and religious laws they had greatly angered the tribe’s god, who upon seeing them at the rock caused a great flood which carried the lovers to their death. The boulder and the spirits of the lovers came to rest along the banks of the stream near Spook Rock Road. The young maiden’s spirit supposedly haunts the spot to this day. Formerly a popular swimming hole for neighborhood youth, some locals attest that at certain times of the year, a low moaning sound may be heard in the wind as it sweeps across the river from the Catskills. Supposedly, the spirit of the dead maiden remains to this day in constant search for her lost lover.



357e15dae744e57573f4e4ebdfcd8727Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery
Frewsburg, NY

Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery has gravesites that date back to the 1800s and a tragic story to boot. Legend has it that long ago, a mentally handicapped girl, age 7, was stoned to death here by a gang of townsfolk. The reason for the witch hunt is unknown. Her body is said to be buried here, and materializes as an apparition, orbs, or phantom moans. The ghosts of a lady in white and a boy also have been seen here, and are believed to protect the little girl.



Shey Rock & Alexis Zebrowski
The Fuze Magazine

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