imageI decided to take a trip down south this week. You would think it was the snow and cold that drove me out. Nope! It was the “On The Road Snacks”!

There is nothing quite like the snacks you get at the convenience stores lurking just off the highway. It’s a veritable cornucopia of salty, sticky, crunchy, gooey, spicy, tangy and sugary happiness. I can almost feel myself gaining weight as I sit in the passenger seat. I find the best course of action is to rotate through each snack, having a little each time. That way you’re sure to empty all of the bags before your next stop.

I find the best place to discover the off the wall treats are on the end caps of the aisle of the little independent convenience marts. Don’t get me wrong, Fastrac, Pilot, Seven Eleven and all of the other chain stores have plenty to offer. From the congealed to the crispy they have it covered, but it’s the mom and pop places that have cornered the market on empty calories.

Some of the wonderful things I discovered along my journey to weight gain were huckleberry licorice, cheddar and horseradish chips, glazed pumpkin pie, banana pudding ice cream, fried strawberry rhubarb pie and something with peanut butter. That last one may have been a dog treat. It was still pretty good, either way. I think every one of these treats should come with its own defibrillator.

I must admit that I was sad as I reached my destination and realized that my diet for the next several days would consist of actual food. I will enjoy my vacation, but I’m looking forward to my trip back. The most exercise I’ll be getting is counting calories. I do have certain snack areas pinned on my maps app. I love the idea of an alert going off every time I get within five miles of a diabetic coma!

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I'm just a guy who loves the simple things in life. I play bass, love craft beer and enjoy all things horror. I spend my time walking or hiking with my dog, going out to restaurants, bars and to see local bands . I stay up late and get up early. My idea of a great time is sitting on the shore of any body of water and having a beer.

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