Shots brings a bit of Nashville to Utica

Shots Sports Bar is going country Saturday night (July 18) with singer-songwriter Greg Burroughs who resides in Nashville, TN. Burroughs began his musical journey with a bunch of buddies while attending Berklee College of Music as a creative way to play for college. He hasn’t stopped and hasn’t looked back since with his music career. He has collaborated with some of the best songwriters including David Lee, Darrell Brown and Clay Mills. Expect to be on the dance floor dancing to his contagious, high energy party-like performance. So, get your cowboy boots and hats ready; music kicks off at 9 p.m., $5.00 cover. Shots is located at 700 Varick St., Utica.

We got a chance to ask Greg a few questions below about his thoughts and what makes him tick.

Fuze: For those of our readers that aren’t familiar with your music; define your music in 5 words.
Burroughs: Bruce Springsteen meets Keith Urban
Fuze: Where does your inspiration come from when writing music? And, what is your favorite song?
Burroughs: Inspiration really comes from all over and I never know when it’s going to hit. Sometimes it’s a deeply personal experience, a distant memory that pops into my head out of nowhere, or something inspired from today’s pop culture. There are times where we can be banging our heads against the wall in a writing session with no spark for a great song, and other times we’re trying to sort through a couple different options and find the best one. My favorite song is probably different every night. It depends on where I’m playing, the audience and the energy.
Fuze: Do you have any rituals you do before going on stage?
Burroughs: I don’t think I have any rituals exactly. Once sound check is done I just try to relax before playing so we can all have a good time. Kind of the calm before the storm.
Fuze: Where is your favorite place to escape to after touring?
Burroughs: Probably just hanging out at home in the back yard around the fire pit with friends and my dog, Crockett, a year-and-a-half-old golden retriever who weighs 100 pounds and tries to sit in my lap like he weighs 10.
Fuze: If you could open up for one person, who would it be?
Burroughs: I’d say Billy Joel. I grew up listening to him and his songs played a huge role in my passion for music.
Fuze: And, do you ever get nervous before a show?
Burroughs: I think I get more excited than anything–I love the energy of playing live–but occasionally I can be on the anxious side.
-Rachael Hall
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