Seymour’s Diner & Grill serving great food with a smile


If you have never been to Seymour’s Diner & Grill what are you waiting for? They serve breakfast (all day), lunch and dinner (Friday only) for the past 7 years (officially in March). Seymour’s is known for their BBQ and once you try one of their signature dishes you will know why. Seymour’s is located 4836 State Route 233 in Westmoreland. You will be sure to catch the owners Burt and Cheryl Seymour walking around greeting customers and even maybe cooking your food. The diner is open with a friendly atmosphere and makes you feel welcomed. There is even a window behind the counter so you can watch them cook for you. And, this might be silly to the average reader but they have bendy straws … admit it you just got a little excited, didn’t you? It brought me back to my childhood days … love bendy straws. The menu is fun and creative … almost every item has a quote added to the description to help make your decision a little easier.

We were able to sit down and sample some of their signature items recently and we will start with the appetizers first. Now, everyone has sampled wings from a variety of places – I know I have – but you haven’t sampled pure yumminess until you have tried their Everything Warrior Wings; a mixture of blue cheese and hot wing sauce with the right amount of kick. And, the wings were cooked perfectly. They were so good I even licked my fingers – don’t judge. Any place we visit we have to try their mozzarella sticks because every place is different and we like to think of ourselves as experts. They met all our expectations: crispy on the outside, the right amount of mozzarella cheese oozing out with a unique blend of flavors for the marinara sauce. It was hard saving room for the main course after devouring our appetizers.

Seymour’s is known for their BBQ and I couldn’t leave without trying it. So, with the recommendation of the waitress and after reading the description … “This is magic on a bun and sure to disappear” I went with Seymour’s Famous Pork BBQ Sandwich served with sweet potato fries. The pork was so soft that it almost melted in your mouth. The flavor combined a little sweetness and a kick. Make sure you ask for their home made BBQ sauces to add to your sandwich or even to dip your fries in. Now, comes the Philly Cheese Steak … an open faced sandwich topped with onions, peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Make sure you bring your appetite for this one … HUGE! And, according to Seymour’s “Thank Dad for this one!” We had to add the Garlic fries. Garlic fries you ask? Amazing! Crispy fries generously covered with parmesan cheese and garlic.

Make sure to stop and check out the display of bottled up goodness that you can take home with you for only $3.99 plus tax. There is the Carolina – a vinegar based sauce with a kick; White Lightening – a vinegar based sauce with a peppery kick (great for chicken). It is sure to wake up your taste buds; Original – a balance of sweet and tangy. And, don’t forget about the rub.

Seymour’s also offers catering for any event large or small. And, don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner and let them cook for you. So, stop by and grab something to eat. You won’t be disappointed.


Seymour’s Diner & Grill

4836 State Route 233
(315) 381-3330
Hours: 6:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday
5:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Saturday
5:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday


Rachael Hall
The Fuze Magazine


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