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seek2During the 90s, there was a revival of sorts involving the techno Goth scene that bands such as Depeche Mode, Ministry and Skinny Puppy helped to sculpt.  Groups like Nine Inch Nails, Lords of Acid and Prodigy were taking hard rock, blending it with pop, mixing in synthesizers, and creating a genre and style that defined a new era for the underground club scene.  For whatever reason the popularity of the style went out of favor for a while, but some groups, including Seek Irony, a 4 piece band originally from Tel-Aviv, are looking to revitalize and revive the sound.  ‘Tech ‘N Roll,’ the bands latest release, reflects that synth pop flavor that offers, in the words of the band, a “mixture between an electric live rock show and a massive dance rave party.”  The album, which was recorded in Texas at lead singer Kfir Gov’s own Evil Snail Studio, features 11 groove infused electro jams about everything from parties to politics.

Seek Irony kicks things off with “She” an upbeat, explosive dance track that immediately draws comparisons to industrial icons KMFDM.  They follow similar suit on songs such as “When You Lie” and “Skin 2 Skin,” a twisted tune that sounds like the love child of Depeche Mode and a ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ era Nine Inch Nails.  A few songs, such as ‘Low’ and ‘Running Towards,’ a song about the negative impact social media has on our society, fall a little flat of expectations, but the band finds their sweet spot again in the politically charged ‘Revolution Push,’ a track about bringing people together despite political differences.  Other highlights include the title track “Tech ‘N Roll” and “Devil in Me,” a pulsating song about addictions that resemble the hard hitting Genitortures song “Devil In a Bottle.”

Overall, ‘Tech ‘N Roll” is as a fast paced thrill ride perfect for blasting in your car, or for the club on Friday night.  It admittedly has a certain style that will not appeal to everyone, but fans of bands like KMFDM, Faith No More and Orgy should love this album which mixes an awesome nod to the nostalgic, with a tasty twist from the future.


Seek Irony 4-1-1
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Kelly Mason / The Fuze Magazine


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