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sdfYou know that feeling you get when you see a band perform for the very first time and they’re so incredible that you immediately must tell anyone and everyone about how great they are?  That was what happened to me last May when I saw Rhode Island natives Scare Don’t Fear open for Nonpoint.  The energy of their performance was electric and infectious, and I ran right out the next day to purchase “From the Ground Up,” the album they were promoting at the time.  Never ones to wait too long before putting out something new, the band has just released ‘Trillogy,’ a 3 song EP that will tide fans over as they eagerly await the band’s next album.  It also provides the group with a bit more material for their ongoing “Hellavated” tour.

Though ‘Trillogy’ only boasts a few songs it packs a huge punch, keeping true to the hip hop meets nu-metal flavor that SDF has become known for.  Casual listeners could liken their style to Linkin Park, but to dismiss their unique sound so quickly would be a disservice to what the band is trying to build.  The fivesome features two lead vocalists including rapper Chris Jungles, who was introduced to the wonderful world of metal just a few short years ago by drummer Larry Ohh.  By blending Jungles’ unconventional lyrical flow with the gritty growls of fellow front man  Frankie Screamz, SDF has crafted a distinct sound that is both fresh and exciting.  ‘Trillogy’ kicks off with “The Anti,” an energetic track denouncing the toxicity of present day society and the negative impact it’s having on people.  This track is a banger, one that will have you diving head and elbows first into the pit the moment you hear the climactic build up and distorted guitar.

Track 2, “Let Out the Beast” amps things up even further, featuring roaring riffs from guitarist Joe Auger and Ryan Grandmaison banging on his bass with a beat so sick I thought I might catch the flu.  This is perhaps SDF’s strongest track to date thanks to its terrifically twisted carnival inspired melody.  “Reckless” rounds out this record, with lyrics that undoubtedly define the underlying message in a number of Scare Don’t Fear songs.  In it Jungles sings “You could look me right dead in my eye and see if I’m willing to fall if it means I could fly.”   Boy, do these lyrics ring true.  SDF is young and hungry, and they are willing to work tirelessly to earn their spot at the table.  (If you don’t believe me check out their talk show style you tube series “5 Minutes with Jungles.”  You’ll be glad you did.)

So whether it’s videos, concerts, full length albums or EPs, one thing is certain: Scare Don’t Fear is hustling themselves hard, not because they believe in fame or the almighty corporate dollar, but because they believe in themselves.  Furthermore “Trillogy” is a fantastic introduction to a band you may not yet have heard of, but simply should not be missed.


Scare Don’t Fear 4-1-1
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Kelly Mason / The Fuze Magazine


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