Savannah Harmon – Album Review

A young lady with an old soul

I’m sure many lovers of country music in the CNY area and around the nation have heard of Savannah Harmon, the young lady with the voice of gold. If you haven’t, then her new, self-titled EP is the perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with this talented singer/songwriter. In an era of bubble gum lyrics and uninspired music, Savannah brings something fresh to the genre. With tracks like “Train Wreck” and “Rainy Days,” among others, she gives out the vibe of an old school, blues influenced country singer, while still bringing a youthful energy to every song. Savannah’s lyrics have a certain feel that you can tell comes straight from the heart. Her songs are derived from real life experiences, which give them the soul that is lacking in so much of today’s music. The kicker here is that Miss Harmon is still in her teens! The talent she has already displayed at such a young age makes you wonder what great things she has in store for all of us in the future of what I’m sure will be a long and successful career. In my opinion, this debut EP from Savannah Harmon is a must have for anyone who enjoys country or blues.

Savannah Harmon has performed around the country, but her home base is located right here in Central New York. You can hear perform her original music with a group of incredibly talented musicians in many local venues (unplugged or with a full band), as well as on the national country scene. Do yourself a favor and check her out, when you get a chance. Her new cd is available at all of her shows, Barnes and Noble in Clay, as well as on iTunes a Google Play. Go to for a schedule of over one hundred of her upcoming shows.


Savannah Harmon 4-1-1
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