Saliva Made Eclipse Nightclub “Rise Up”



photo-14_editedIn a journey that has spanned since 1996, it finally brought Memphis rockers Saliva back to Binghamton, NY recently. The night was setup for catering to Hard Rock fans and it surely did not disappoint! All the bands played original tunes that were on the bill which included Stone Soul Foundation, Break Of Aggression, Mobday & Fistprint. Some of the groups even traveled far distances just for the chance to share the stage with a legendary band such as Saliva and the opportunity to gain new fans in unfamiliar territory. We had many moments to speak to fans in the crowd about the opening acts and there was nothing except a tone of excitement for the talent they were witnessing grace the stage that evening … Some even asking how to find some of the groups on social media so they could continue to follow the bands. After all the bands played their hearts out to set the pace for the headliners, you could feel the energy in the room turn into electricity once Saliva was about to take their places.

Throughout the years Saliva has produced many albums to help vault them to an iconic status in the Rock world, their new album “Rise Up” is surely going to help them continue on this path. Once saliva took the stage at Eclipse the fans went through the roof as they played songs that have been featured through the mega sports entertainment company WWE on their music discs and pay per views. The band also ventured into their new album and as we looked around the fans really enjoyed the new music and the band did not miss a beat with the new material. Saliva front man Bobby Amaru played into the crowd with a great stage presence whipping his hair around and tossing out water on the sweaty fans. All in all the band showed everyone in attendance why they became Saliva fans!

The Fuze Magazine got the opportunity to sit down with Bobby prior to the show and longtime Fuze friend Sean Muldoon from Stone Soul Foundation interviewed him. This was a fun interview from start to finish and very informative to the mindset of Saliva…We hope you enjoy and cannot wait to see you at the next show!




Eric Hall
The Fuze Magazine


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