Road Rally Scavenger Hunt in Old Forge


Ready.Set.Go! Pack the car and head out for an adventure in Old Forge at the Road Rally Scavenger Hunt at 11 a.m. (10:30 a.m. check in), Saturday, June 30. The fun awaits you at the View Arts located at 3273 State Route 28. All you have to do is fill your car or create a dynamic team of motorcycles with your favorite co-pilot, family, road crew, well anyone for that matter and set out to hunt for clues that will be scattered throughout the Old Forge, Inlet, Big Moose and Thendara area. When arriving at each pit stop you will receive a clue after answering questions, completing a task and saying “Hi” to the clue holder. Teams will receive points for all correct answers and completion of tasks along with bonus points for the scavenger hunt items you collect on your hunt. The team that finishes with the top score will win a prize. In case of a tie breaker the winner will be decided by their time. But, please remember that this is a fun competition and you still need to follow the rules of the road. After exploring the beautiful scenery and hunting for hidden “treasures” there will be a reception with a cash bar, free non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. The winner will be announced during the reception.



General Car – 5 Tickets – $50
General Couple Car – 2 Tickets – $20
General Motorcycle (Team of 5) – 5 Tickets – $50
View Arts Member Car – 5 Tickets – $45
View Arts Member Motorcycle (Team of 5) – 5 Tickets – $45

To purchase tickets, visit here.


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