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When you think of local music and rock n’ roll – one band comes to mind that has been tearing it up on stage throughout the years and that is Red Hush! They are one of the pioneers of rock bands in Central New York that has mastered the mix of one of a kind original music along with being able to perfectly perfect a cover song. The guys love to entertain a crowd and it shows in every performance of theirs. They will be taking center stage at The Gig Friday, May 4 at 9:30 p.m. If you have never checked them out before – now is your chance to let them rock you all night with their gritty vocals, beats that will cut right through you and just a great group of guys killing it on stage. The Gig is located at Exit 33/Turning Stone Resort & Casino, 5218 Patrick Road in Verona.

Team Fuze would like to thank Mark Madonia for taking the time to chat with us about Red Hush.


Fuze: Who is the mastermind behind Red Hush?
Madonia: There is no one mastermind…it takes everyone in the band to make it tick…past and present. At certain times I think we are influenced by where we are now but also where we came from. Let’s face it, without the past there would be no present.

Fuze: Times change and people change. How have you guys evolved over the years?
Madonia: Haha … we were pretty wild in the past to say the least, but having children changes you … you have to straighten up and be more focused for your kids and I can say for sure that all the guys here are great Dads. As far as musically … when you are young you are writing about where you are and that doesn’t really change at any age. All musicians write about where they are at that specific time … I mean if they’re being honest with themselves.

Fuze: You guys are known for your originals but we heard you are mixing it up with come covers. Dish!
Madonia: We will always be an original band and that will never change, but it’s also a lot of fun to play some of the songs we love by other artists.

Fuze: What is your favorite decade of music? And, does it influence the kind of music you play?
Madonia: There’s no denying, Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry … those guys set the bar. Beatles and Stones took it to another level that paved the way for the 70’s. The 80’s was a melting pot of everything before it and let’s not forget MTV … a major influence for everyone. We grew up on all of that. There are so many great bands of all genres’ who have influenced us.

Fuze: What can people expect when they come out to see you?
Madonia: You can expect us to give everything we’ve got. We’ve always put heart and soul into everything we do, whether it is studio or live shows.

Fuze: What has been the craziest moment on or off stage for you guys?
Madonia: Haha …. craziest is probably better left unsaid, but we’ve made a lot of amazing friends along our journey and we love all of our friends.

Fuze: What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about Red Hush?
Madonia: There are no surprises. We are true to ourselves first and that overflows into our performances. One thing is for sure, Love us or hate us, we’re going to be around for a while.

Fuze: What’s on the horizon for Red Hush?
Madonia: We will continue to do our live shows and continue recording new music as well.


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