Painting class puts a comedic twist to event


Painting with a Twist has taken its class to a whole new level with their upcoming class – Arts & Laughs! Comedy Painting Party from 7-9 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 25 at their 8647 Clinton St. in New Hartford. They have paired up with the funny man himself Phil Farda from Comedy CNY along with his partner in crime Jennifer McMullen to host a night filled with laughs, painting, wine and more laughs. Farda and McMullen will be lending their special talents of telling tales, making you feel uncomfortable, drinking plenty of wine and as they would say lots of shenanigans. Eddie Spaghetti will be instructing the class on how to create your zodiac masterpiece for the night. Tickets are only $35 and are sure to fill up quickly! For tickets and information, visit


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