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One LessIn the past, vocalist Cris Brown has said that his band, One Less Reason, was always focused on a few key subjects: Love, hate, pain and hope.  This mindset is evident in the Jackson, TN band’s sixth, and latest full length album ‘The Memories Uninvited.’  The record begins with the gritty and seductive hard hitter “Break Me,” a track that addresses all of the above and will have listeners head banging in no time.  The problem is not all of album fares quiet as strong, though it undoubtedly has its moments.  Tracks such as “Time” and “The Lie” are dark and sexy, reminiscent of bands such as Depeche Mode and 30 Seconds to Mars.  They’re the kind of songs that make you want to jump in your car, open your windows, and take long drives on cool summer nights.

But while some songs are strong, engaging, even inspiring, others seem to follow a formula disappointingly familiar to most songs we hear on today’s radio.  Take their 4th track, “Where Were You” for example.  This is a good, solid rock song with a beat that will have everyone in the crowd moving; however it’s nothing we haven’t heard before from bands like Nickelback.  That being said, this is a foot tapping, body swaying, well rounded album that will probably translate well into live shows.  And because some of the songs are catchy and do seem so familiar, most audience members will be able sing along once the second chorus comes around.   It also seems likely that the band, together since 1998, had this in mind while recording.

The major strength of this album seems to lie largely in its quieter, more reflective moments, such as on the country infused soul barer, “Sometimes.”  I found myself going back to this track again and again.  When Brown belts out “I just want to be everything you need all the time … sometimes” the sentiment comes across as genuine, and before I knew it I was fumbling around for a lighter and trying to convince my dog to sway back and forth with me.  This was THE stand out song for me, and without a doubt should be a single.  Likewise their 11th and last track “The Rainmaker” was incredibly moving and stripped down, featuring only vocals and a guitar, proving that sometimes less is more.

To summarize, when I listen to an album I ask myself three questions:

1. Is this record good enough to buy for any friends of mine?
2. Would I want to go see this band live?
3. Did they connect with me enough to make me reflect on at least a few of their songs even when I wasn’t listening?

I answered “Yes” to all of these questions.  Overall, ‘The Memories Uninvited’ is a solid album that actually might be everything we need all the time … sometimes.


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