No Pain, No Gain?


I was walking my dog this morning and waving to all of the joggers in the park and it got me thinking. Their red faces and forced smiles as they pass by me warm my heart and make me think I should start exercising more. Well, any exercise would be more than I do now.

imageIt’s tough to find the right workout for my particular needs. I’m not very tall, so I don’t want do too much weightlifting. Nothing looks odder than a muscle bound short guy who can’t bend his arms enough to button his own pants. I’ve already been asked to keep my pants buttoned in public by the courts anyway. I was thinking I need to do more cardio, so I bought a very manly aerobics DVD. I know it works, because by the time I got the package open, I was out of breath and sweating profusely. Maybe tomorrow I can put it in the DVD player. I don’t want to overdo it on the first day. I was told to do a combination of weights and cardio. For me, that usually consists carrying a large pizza up a flight of stairs, so either I need more stairs or bigger pizzas.

They say if I work out, I’ll be healthier and I’ll feel better physically as well as psychologically. I’m not sure I believe that. Those joggers look like they’re in pain. I know a guy who hurt his back lifting weights, a girl who injured her knee doing aerobics and heard about a woman getting attacked in the park while running. None of those things has ever happened to me while sitting in my chair watching horror movies and eating Cheetos! I could play sports to get a workout, but I’m really only good at frisbee, pool, bowling and competitive eating.

In my opinion, exercise is great for the mind and body. Therefor, I will do my best to get into better shape. I’ll start out slow and try to up my minutes from zero to at least fifteen a day. At least I’ll do my best to try to make an attempt at  possibly working out some day. If not, I’ll just watch Roseanne and Jerry Springer and that should make me feel thin.

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About: Ted Snyder

I'm just a guy who loves the simple things in life. I play bass, love craft beer and enjoy all things horror. I spend my time walking or hiking with my dog, going out to restaurants, bars and to see local bands . I stay up late and get up early. My idea of a great time is sitting on the shore of any body of water and having a beer.

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