Nikki and The Dappers spice up Varick Street


Nikki and The Dappers, a local 4 piece contemporary jazz/R&B band will be playing at 10 p.m., Friday, Dec. 18 at The Celtic Harp, 805 Varick St., Utica. Nikki and The Dappers is a veritable super-band featuring vocalist, Nicole Edsall; guitar, Michael Peek; drummer, Lenny Milano, Jr.; and bassist, Quinn McClean. Together they will bring you a mixture of a little sweet, a little spicy, a little sexy and most of all incredible music for to dance to and sing along too.

The vocals are the feature of this group, supported skillfully and graciously by the rest of the band.  Nikki has a distinct presence on stage and a voice you are likely to remember.  As a whole, the group is packaged perfectly as well, the name spot on.  They look the part of a fresh take on old soul, people who take a bit of time to pull themselves together for the aesthetic.  While the clothes certainly do not make the band, the global effect of a group of creative individuals expressing their vision on many levels can deepen the intensity of the experience.  Immersion is nice, especially when creating a particular style.

Come out and get a different spin on local music!  Spiffy yourselves up, visit the bar, tip your servers, appreciate your musicians and have a great time.  Nikki and the Dappers will provide the soundtrack.




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