Nickelback: No fixed Address


Love or hate them, Nickelback have a handle on hard-rock anthems. The secret to their multiplatinum success is that they’re masters of generality, packaging all the bland blue-collar fantasies and unrequited nostalgia of an According to Jim rerun into formulaic head-nodders. The Canadian rockers’ latest set is no exception, though they’ve cast a wider net this time. Frontman Chad Kroeger gurgles an Occupy-esque screed on “Edge of a Revolution,” dabbles in Maroon 5-style pop funk on “She Keeps Me Up,” wallows on “Miss You,” only to brag about his lover “motorboatin’ on that blond girl” on the next track, the Flo Rida -featuring “Got Me Runnin’ Round.” He’s too busy partying to realize how tired he sounds.



Kory Grow

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