National, local bands collide for a night of rock

Boy Hits Car


A high energy hard rockin 4th of July celebration at Nothin Fancy in Vernon featuring The Veer Union, Boy Hits Car, and special guests Righteous Vendetta, Black Oxygen, Syndrome of Fire, After Earth, Enemy Down and Castrophe Me!

Lukewarm plans for the celebration of our fine nation’s independence? Do not fret or sleep on this opportunity, CNY, because a positively hot party has shaped up for 7/4 at the Nothin’ Fancy Bar & Café in Vernon, NY featuring a gambit of powerful local and national area favorites. Beyond just a killer line up of music for you rock fans, your $17 presale ticket gets you all you can eat BBQ, an opportunity to win giveaways, enjoy great drink specials, and a fireworks show. If you do sleep on it, the same fun can be had for a slightly increased at the door price of $25 per ticket. Music kicks off at 4 p.m.

Boy Hits Car is a powerhouse performer that is likely to win you over even if you’ve never heard them before. It’s the highest of high energy and explodes off the stage like a solar flare. Most seriously, the stage presence and performance of this band alone is worth the price of admission. Musically, fans can expect a nearly flawless performance that’s intense enough to feel G-force and grounded in modernized Alt Rock. Cregg Rondell (vocal/guitar) plays a 12 string in open tuning which gives the group their own unique spin under the hard rock umbrella. In the midst of a US and European tour for their latest album, Stealing Fire, BHC graciously decided to swing through our neck of the woods to visit their strong fanbase here.  It’s vital to reward that by getting out to the show if you want them to continue to loop us into the rotation.



Headlining the show is  The Veer Union, an established national act from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  If you are not already a fan of this band they are going to give you plenty to remember if the live footage available is any indication. Their sound is going to meld so well with BHC and I’m always pleased to report and support hard rock acts that still value melodies and harmonies. The Veer Union delivers precise, driven, edgy and dark material all in just the right, balanced measure. I’m excited to get a show in and recommend you do as well.


Righteous Vendetta appears on this bill as a special guest with a name sharp enough for a headlining act. From Wyoming originally, the band has released 5 albums between 2009 and this year’s offering, The Fire Inside. I have to say again that this is a really smart line up all the way around because each band is going to compliment the other’s sound while bringing something slightly different to the table; this is a showcase of the state of hard rock, 2014. Righteous Vendetta keeps it heavy and melodic and separates themselves from The Veer Union and Boy Hits Car by leaning slightly more toward the hard rock/hardcore fusion with melodic and metal esque vocal interplay. Expect sweat and veins bulging in necks, big time in a great way.


Black Oxygen is going to be a real treat from Kansas City! The lead gets so penetratingly treble over the deep undertow it could cut glass and there is a truly intriguing blend of 90s alt rock and 80s glam metal in their style- two genres considered mutually exclusive since, like, the dawn of time. Smash them together and it’s magic.  The vocal is so reminiscent of that 90s sound that I predict CNY is going to eat this with a spoon.  Bring it on, I’m ready!


Syndrome of Fire from Nashville is deep in the pocket of progressive alternative metal with a positively thumping sound that thuds until the high end collectively merges and leaps over the top of itself. The music is thick and viscous and the listener is plunged into it.  SOF mixes it up with female vocals which translates into a lot of new spaces for the hard rock genre to slam through. “So Sorry” is a track that is going to be in my heavy rotation from this moment.


Now we’re into our locals that you already know and love. If you don’t already know and love them, you should be plotting to bring as many friends along as possible because this type of show is where locals can get the exposure they need and deserve from a new network of potential fans that might ever hear them otherwise. Friends help friends get indie.  After Earth, Enemy Down and Castrophe Me! are all going to keep things hard and heavy with their own unique take on the sound. The best part about falling for a local is they’re always around providing much opportunity to pull every muscle in your neck. You know you still headbang.


Rest up, CNY, you’re in for it on Friday and you deserve it.


Melissa L. Walker
-The Fuze Magazine

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