Nasty Habit grabs spotlight at 95X Locals Only Show

Nasty Habit


95X Locals Only and the Lost Horizon present Nasty Habit with very special guests, Damon Larus, Feast Of The Superb Owl, Falling From One, Dee Thorpe’s Symphony Of Insanity and Shayla on Saturday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m.

Local is all the rage at the 95X Locals Only show this Saturday (10/11/14)  at the Lost Horizon at 5863 Thompson Road, Syracuse, NY!  This is a great opportunity to celebrate and support your own local pool of talent.  Get to know them in their native environment and go home and tell everyone how cool it is to have such great music right here, for a whole lot less than national touring artists pull in for a performance.  Think of how much more often you can go that way!  You see why this is a win/win situation?  Plus there’s all the community building that happens when you stuff a bunch of people with similar interests into the same room or rooms together.  Events like these go a long way toward building a strong foundation for our local musicians!  Please support it!  Presale tickets for this all ages show are $8 and are available from all of the bands playing the event or on the web.  The day of the show, tickets are still only $10 at the door.

Your headliner, Nasty Habit, has a nostalgic backstory.  These relative youngsters bonded over a love of old school 80’s metal and glam rock, and they transitioned that love from identifying with it as a perfect soundtrack to actually making it themselves.  From there, it’s been a lot of attention on this band, with Frank DeBlase of Rochester’s City Newspaper, going on the record to say,  “This band is so much more than a youth-gone-wild glam jam or an Aquanetted pastiche. This is loud, loose, and raucous fun; a celebration of defiance, decadence, and sex appeal.”   Nasty Habit is committed to bringing something new to the style of music they feel inside them.  They recently recorded an album, Desperate Times Desperate Measures for which they are currently touring, and have gathered fans from across the country based on their online content and presence.  Catch these up-and-commers before they tour themselves right out of our area.  You can say you saw them when.


Here, you need a new Nasty Habit:


Also, take a listen to the other great local bands rounding out the line-up!


Damon Larus from Syracuse:


Feast Of The Superb Owl from Syracuse


Falling From One from Utica


Dee Thorpe’s Symphony Of Insanity from Syracuse


Thanks to the Lost Horizon, 95X and everyone involved in promoting this show and local music in our area!


Melissa L. Walker
-The Fuze Magazine


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