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Nasty Habit


The iconic backroom of the famed Lost Horizon was an extremely fitting setting for The Fuze Magazine’s sit down with Nasty Habit at the recent 95X Locals Only event in October. Nostalgia was in the air from all angles, from the graffiti adorning the walls representing decades of talent that has passed through to the fact that Nasty Habit belies its members’ ages by harkening its music style back to the heyday of hair/glam metal.  Nostalgia and that elusive ‘it factor’ thing, both were certainly present in the club that night.  Nasty Habit told us all about how they got here, we learned a little bit about what it is about music that brings people together across a wide span of ages and backgrounds, and also what’s in store for this group for the future.  Cross-promo note:  words collide in the Fuze vortex as Nasty Habit plugs previous interviewees, Sweet Cyanide!  I love when that happens!

Fans of all ages enjoy this band so much that I was inundated with random mentions of this by people in attendance at the Lost Horizon that night.  This is a very good thing.  The hometown support for Nasty Habit runs deep and that’s the kind of thing that only helps a group blossom up out of their local roots.  If you don’t know, have a sit down right now with the boys from the band and acquire your newest Nasty Habit!

If you are in the New York City area in December check them out at The Studio at Webster Hall Friday, Dec. 12. And, Nasty Habit just released their new music video “Don’t Bring Me Down.” Take a listen and see what Nasty Habit is all about.

Melissa L. Walker
-The Fuze Magazine





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