Mole and the Level Antz melting faces

Charles Curtis of Mole and the Level Antz


Nicole Skistimas of KrashKarma

Nicole Skistimas of KrashKarma

Don’t let the name fool you – Mole and the Level Antz will level you with their ability to shred any song along with their masterful lyrics that is sure to melt your faces off. Lead singer Charles Curtis brought together his brothers for a night of metal that is set to blow the rough off. Nicole’s of Camden will be rocking this Friday (April 8). Not only are some of the best metal bands going to be there but they brought in KrashKarma that will ignite of firestorm of lyrics and theatrics. Along with the Antz there will be The Last Tree, Without Regret, After Earth and With Malice in Heart heating things up. All you need to do is get your crew together, $5 to get you in the door and get to Nicole’s which is located at , 9501 Harden Blvd – Route 13, Camden Friday night. Music kicks off at 8 p.m.


Team Fuze would like thank Charles Curtis, Mole and the Level Antz for taking the time to chat with us about the ins and outs of the band.


Fuze: What is the meaning behind the name Mole and the Level Antz?
Charles: The name Mole and the Level Antz came from us trying multiple band names we thought sounded really cool, but they were already taken. We came up with “malevolence” originally and it was already taken not to mention copy written. So in frustration we wanted to make something completely original. We took malevolence and just put a weird spin of our own on it. We ended up with “Mole and the Level Antz.” It’s definitely original and we could have been called anything really … like the rabid squirrels or something but nothing would be different. The music makes a name … the name doesn’t make the music. Now when people here our style they will say “Hey!! That’s Mole and the Level Antz!” So that’s a win … haha.


Fuze: So, who is the mole and who are the antz?
Charles: Nobody is anything … Haha. See question 1.


Fuze: How do you feel metal differs from rock, hard rock?
Charles: We feel metal is more a lifestyle than any genre really. There is a brotherhood within metal; especially locally over the past couple years. Hence why our brothers in Without Regret and ourselves invented the 315 Metal Union to bring us all closer as a family and we think we have succeeded. Also for us metal is always challenging anybody with zero previous skill in music that can pick up a guitar or hop on a drum set and start playing Nirvana songs on their 1st day. Where it takes years of dedication and hard work to play things like Pantera, Slayer or Metallica. Metal is not for the lazy musician. And it’s a direct decedent of classical music and blues … and that’s pretty cool.


Fuze: What band/musician has influenced you the most?
Charles: That’s a tough one. Mainly as a band we would have to say Lamb of God, Flaw, Killswitch Engage, Dry Kill Logic, Fear Factory, All That Remains and Ill Nino.

Fuze: What do you guys do for fun?
Charles: Haha … we drink beer and play shows! We all have family lives which comes first but when it’s time to hang out as a band we just like to hang out, pick on each other and play music.


Fuze: Who is on your bucket list of bands to play with?
Charles: We would love to open for One Direction … hahaha. We always love playing with any national metal/rock band of course Lamb of God would probably be the dream scenario. We just take it one show at a time and are humbled when we get any shows. There are a lot of bands struggling to get in the local scene – it’s a tough circle of life. But we really cherish our shows with our local metal family.


Fuze: Who is the mastermind behind the lyrics and where do you draw your inspiration from?
Charles: I (chuck) always write and general layout lyrically at practice when we get a new song cooking – then take it home and add more. Get a nice solid flow. Then the following week we go over it as a band. everyone puts in their input and we smooth it over collectively. That goes for everyone’s respective instrument in the band though. We all have input on everything.


Fuze: What can people expect at your show?
Charles: Chaos and debauchery. Haha! Nah, we bring a high level of energy and interact with the fans while playing. And from what I’ve heard from people we are one of the “must see” live bands in the area. So, that is a great feeling. We have fun doing what we do and we aren’t afraid to show it. We are known as the party band sometimes which is funny, but hey if u wanna be friends with us grab a beer and don’t be shy. Cheers! You can usually find us preshow next to a pile of empty beer cans and all our metal brothers and sisters around us.


Fuze: Tell us your plans for the summer. Any big shows coming up?
Charles: We are gonna take shows as they come this year and really try to get an ep done within the next month or so. We had some technical difficulties with a full length album we almost had complete, and lost everything we did. So, we are starting from scratch and just doing an ep to get something to the fans as soon as possible!


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