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Ma Ma Rella’s Fine FoodsMa Ma Rella’s Fine Foods is making dinner time easier for you. They have come up the perfect sauces to pair with your pasta. With their two versions: Italian Marinara Sauce and a Spicy Riggie Sauce dinner is complete. Don’t worry – they have more sauces in the works including a creamy Alfredo sauce. Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods is based out of Whitesboro and is available in several stores throughout New York and at local farmers’ markets. The next time you are craving a good ole fashion Italian dinner; try Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods sauces to your meal. Support local friends!



Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods recently took the time to answer a few questions about their product and where it’s available.


What products do you offer at this time?



Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods currently has 2 products on the Market. We have Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods Italian Marinara Sauce this comes in a 24 oz jar. We also have Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Food SPICY Riggie Sauce and this also comes in a 24 oz jar. Both of these sauces will cover a 1 lb of pasta.







Do you have plans in the future to expand with more products?

MA2We are coming out with a 3rd and a 4th product. These products are in the process of getting approved. We are hoping these products will be out for the Fall of 2015.

We are coming out with a Sor Diavolo this will be a hot to a sweet sauce in a 16 oz jar. This will be a meat free and dairy free sauce that you can use over anything such as seafood and pasta. We do have a trademark pending for the name of Sor Diavolo.

Also, our next sauce will be an Alfredo sauce this will be a creamy white sauce in a 16oz jar. You can use this over any kind of pasta and pour it over chicken breast or steamed vegetables or seafood.

We are also currently working on a 5th and a 6th product. We are hoping to bring out our 5th and 6th products out by spring or summer of 2016.



SHELFWhere are the products available to purchase?

Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods is currently in 23 store locations. This includes Utica, Syracuse and New York City areas. We are also currently working on getting into Geisslers in East Windsor Connecticut and Highland Park Market in Suffield, Connecticut. Geisslers has 6 store locations and Highland Park has 5 store locations. Please see store locations below.







Peter’s Cornucopia, ​38 New Hartford Shopping Center, New Hartford

Chanatry’s ​Hometown Market Supermarket, 485 French Rd

Broad Street Cash & Carry, 729 Broad St

Tom’s Natural Foods, 16 College St., Clinton

Smith Farms Market, 8535 W Thomas Rd, Rome

Brenda’s Natural Food, 236 W. Dominick St., Rome

Kelly’s Meat Market, 516 Albany St., Little Falls

Sunflower Natural Foods, 8024 Route 12, ​Barneveld

Nelson Farm Store, 3261 US Route 20, Cazenovia



Price Chopper, Western Lights #174, 4713 Onondaga Blvd.

Green Planet Grocery, 3514 W Genesee St.

Green Planet Grocery, 18 East Cayuga St., Oswego

Green Planet Grocery, ​6195 Route 31, Cicero

Green Hill Farm, 5933 S Salina St.

Nichols Supermarket, 327 1st St., Liverpool

Natur-Tyme, 3160 Erie Blvd E., DeWitt

Ascioti’s, 207 Oswego St., Liverpool

Thanos Import Market, 330 N Salina St



Westerly Natural Market, 911 8th Ave., New York,  NY

Morningside Heights Garden Of Eden, 2780 Broadway, Manhattan

Chelsea Garden Of Eden, 162 West 23rd St., Manhattan

Union Square Garden Of Eden, 7 East 14th St., Manhattan

Brooklyn Heights Garden Of Eden, 180 Montague St., Brooklyn



Have you ever considered opening your own store?

We never considered opening a store. We have had many customers ask if we have a restaurant. At this time we don’t have either one. Just being 100% Italian and growing up around my mom cooking all the time. I love to come up with a new twist on recipes and the challenges behind it. Just for the love of food and getting it to the market place is very rewarding in itself.


What can customers expect when trying your sauce?

What our customers can expect when trying our sauce are as follows. Our first product came out in April of 2014, which is Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods Italian Marinara Sauce, it is a high quality product and it consists of low calories, which are 100 per half cup and 105mg in sodium. With a great and healthy taste our customers already love.

“Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods Italian Marinara Sauce will be to make individual lives easier for fast lunches and dinners. Also it will be for those individuals who want to stay healthy and fit. Our customers can make not only pasta and meatballs with Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods Italian Marinara Sauce. But other dishes consist of making a pizza, using this as a dipping sauce for cheese stick’s or chicken fingers, using our sauce for Chicken Parmesan and Eggplant Parmesan, rice over vegetables, Chilly, Stuffed Peppers and Spanish Rice. There are much more dishes to serve up with Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods Italian Marinara Sauce the recipes will continue.

“Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods” would like to introduce our second product which is  Ma Ma Rella’s Riggie Sauce. This product will be for anyone who loves a spicier sauce.  Also it will be for those individuals who want to stay healthy and fit. With our high quality and great tasting sauce that is low in calories, for 190 per half cup and 140mg in sodium.

You just add your choice of meat, which is chicken, shrimp steak or sausage to your pasta and add Ma Ma Rella’s Riggie Sauce. Or you can keep it meat free and add your pasta this would be for parties, holidays, and anyone who wants a fast and easy dinner.

“Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods” products are positioned as high quality while keeping our customers healthy with low calories, and sodium. Our company will maintain great tasting authentic fine foods within the specialty food market. I had many customers come up to me at the farmers Markets and tell me how wonderful my products are. It makes me feel good to know they love the taste of my products.


Do you have any events coming up that you want the public to know about?

We are currently in farmers’ markets where we always do samples of our sauces so our customers can try them. We also do demos at our store locations. We also have updates on our Ma Ma Rella’s Fine Foods like page on Facebook. The farmers’ markets are as follows.

Whitesboro Farmers’ Market (Monday from 3 – 7 p.m.)

10 Moseley St, Whitesboro

Clinton Famers’ Market (Thursday from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.)

100 N Park Row, Clinton

CNY Regional Famers Market (Saturday from 7 a.m. -2 p.m.)

2100 Park St, Syracuse

Old Forge Farmers Market (Friday from 1 – 5 p.m.) (This is a fill in spot)

CAP-21, Old Forge


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