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luckyWhen asked to describe their musical style, Syracuse, NY punk quartet Lucky33 will readily tell you “We make loud ass punk music!”  Boy, are they right.  Their 2nd and most recent release, ‘Look Mah, We Did It!’ is a short but sweet high octane back to the basics EP that is sure to please punk purists.  The 5 song record keeps true to the genres’ stripped down melodies and in your face attitude that will excite young fans and make 90’s kids nostalgic for the carefree rebellious days of their youth.

The album begins with “Excigency,” a rapid fire fist pumper that details the band’s enthusiasm and passion for punk rock.  The track, which vocalist Nicolas Duffany spews with good natured enthusiasm, kicks off with the line “My whole life is filled with cigarettes, broken dreams, and beer bottles on the floor.”  Lucky33 clearly enjoys the beauty of bedlam though, going on to say that it’s their music that feeds their soul and that it has gotten them through the tough times.  ‘Excigency’ is not only the stand out track of the album, but it could be considered the band’s anthem as well.

The remainder of the record follows suit, boasting gritty guitar chords and rapid fire drum beats that would make Travis Barker proud.  Songs such as “Caffeine” and “Paycheck” show off the band’s love for controlled chaos, while “Breakfast,” a song about getting your life together, is an aggressively classic upbeat ditty.  “Roo,” a song about a bitter breakup, is another standout track, thanks to its catchy hooks.  Fans of NOFX could liken this song to “Liza and Louise,” one of the quintessential and hallmark songs in the history of punk rock music.

In all, ‘Look Mah, We Did It!” stays true to its roots and pays homage to Social Distortion, Pennywise, and various other punk pioneers, proving that no matter how much time passes, punk will never die.  Even those who have outgrown the genre, or traded in their studded jackets for sensible blazers will be glad to know that as one generation is kicking off their Doc Martens, the next generation is already lacing theirs up.



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Kelly Mason / The Fuze Magazine


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