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Liv Sin: Melodic Metal Mistress

After a thirteen year stint as vocalist of Swedish hard rockers, Sister Sin, Liv “Sin” Jagrell is making a name for herself with her new solo project, Follow Me. This heavy rock CD combines old school metal, trash and black metal into a modernized heavy metal style that will punch you in the gut and leave you wanting more! Liv’s powerful, gritty vocals are backed by monster guitar riffs and a fist pumping rhythm section, making this CD a must have for any metal fan. Liv Sin’s band consists of drummer Per Bjelovuk, bassist Tommie Winther and guitarists Chris Bertzell and Patrick Ankermark. Combined with Liv’s vocals, the aforementioned quartet rip through this eleven track CD; taking no prisoners as they go. Tracks like “The Fall” and “I’m Your Sin” give you that old school metal feel, while on “The Beast Inside,” Liv displays a vocal diversity which sets her apart from the average metal vocalists. The standout tracks on this CD are the hard rocking anthem, “Let Me Out” and the cover of “Immortal Sin” by 90’s metal band FIGHT (Rob Halford). Follow Me features eleven blistering tracks that will satisfy any head banger’s appetite.

Liv has toured the world with Sister Sin on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival Tour alongside metal giants like King Diamond and Slayer as well as touring Europe and North America tenaciously for over a decade, which has garnered her thousands of fans who crave melodic, aggressive metal. She has also been part of Revolver Magazine’s “Hottest Chicks In Metal” tour among other bills encompassing the globe. Look for Liv Sin on tour soon in support of her new CD and pick up a copy of LIV SIN-Follow online at,, Liv Sin on Facebook and on Amazon, among other online retailers. As Andre Linoge would say, “Born in sin, come on in.”


Liv Sin 4-1-1
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