Keith James All-Star Band Jam 2 at Cavallo’s

Keith James All-Star Band Jam 2


Local musician and radio DJ Keith James brings together a night of music on the deck of Tom Cavallo’s restaurant located on 40 Genesee St., New Hartford tonight (Oct. 23). The jam kicks off at 7 p.m. James from Oldiez 96 began a contest a couple months back to form a jam band of local musicians that the public voted on. It was a tight battle and here are the musicians that made the cut: Elliot Ciotti, Bassist of Enemy Down, Roy Coston, Guitarist and Gunnar Coston, Drummer of Coston, Shawn Scribner, Singer of Blame Anchor, and Jeff Dingman, Keyboardist of Radionix. This will be the first time everyone will get together and jam for the night.

Each of the All-Star musician’s respective bands will be showcased starting at 7 p.m. and when they are done, the All-Star Band will take the stage (10 p.m.) for the first time ever and likely the last with this lineup.

Keith James breaks it down where the idea came to life from:

The idea came from the fact that I was just promoted to morning radio and we were trying to find ways to build the show and subsequent events on my strengths. Being that I’m a local musician, capitalizing on that was part of our goal. Different from last year, we opened up the competition to the other keyboard players too instead of just me. Also the lineup is completely different compared to last year. As far as playing without rehearsal, that can be extremely difficult for many musicians to pull off, not to mention that we’ve all never played together before either. But jam sessions are not about perfection and are much looser by definition, so as long as everyone is relaxed and uses their eyeballs and ears, we’ll be fine. Jams like this are usually a special treat for audiences because they know that what’s happening in front of them has never happened before and will never happen again. So, it’s creation in real time, like musical hibachi. Plus, we’re playing tunes that are classic hits, so it’s not like we haven’t heard them before. Additionally, our radio station is all about integrating our online audience with our on-air one and the all-star band like many of our promotions has both elements, but it also adds a third: live interaction!

In honor of this event, Cavallo’s has dubbed the entire day “KJ Thursday” and in anticipation of your hunger (and ours) is offering an all-day special – A large pizza, 20 wings and a large antipasto for $29.99, as well as 2 for $5 Coors Light drafts.

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