Kegs comes alive for Granger Smith


Upon arrival of Kegs Canal Side, a crowd of fans were waiting on a warmer January night for the doors to open which was not a typical night in Jordan NY. This small town comes alive when the musicians come to town with fans coming from all over to see their favorites.

On deck for the night was Smithfield and Granger Smith. Doors opened and fans rush to grab a spot in front of the stage for the best view. There is nothing like being up front where you can get a chance to shake hands or even get a “high 5.” But there also comes a bad side with being up front as well, many people like to show up late to a show and try and push their way into the crowd.

Smithfield is on their very first tour which happens to be with Granger Smith. Trey & Jennifer that are in the band grew up together in the state of Texas and are good friends. In fact she says as of now they are the third generations in both of their families that have been friends. Jen says they started out leasing the smaller van that they now own for the band road trips. But typical of a band that is just starting out and moving up to bigger and better things. All of the band members were very down to earth and even talked with fans after they finished their set list.

Granger Smith/ Earl Dibbles Jr made his third appearance to Kegs. His night started out with several fans lined up to meet him for the meet & greet – many I’m sure have done so twice before. They can’t get enough of Mr. Granger /Aka Dibbles Jr, he shows the fans what it’s like to party and have fun. He even stopped in the middle of his set to sign autographs along with all sorts of handshakes – even spraying the crowd with a bottle of water. Fans also got to experience him clashing 2 cans of energy drink together that sprayed the crowd. Smith made sure to tell his fans the most important thing – if it wasn’t for them and our freedom that keeps him putting on shows. A fan favorite is him waving the American Flag.





Roger Johnston / Captured Momentz Photography / The Fuze Magazine



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