Jocelyn and Chris Arndt dishes out their ‘secrets’


Life is busy for Jocelyn and Chris Arndt!  The Fuze Magazine spent some time with the touring Arndt’s on the big comfy couch in the greenroom at Lukin’s where we rapped about music, Harvard, and the fact that they’re pretty much prodigies.  And, they told us a secret that we’ve been holding in for days now!  Since they’ve made the official announcement, The Fuze can finally tell you all that Jocelyn and Chris will be playing the Sundance Film Festival this year!  The pair also nabbed some recent studio time at the legendary Fame Studios in Alabama.  Some pretty prestigious cred sitting around on Varick Street, don’t ya know?

Since their idea of busy isn’t even the same as the rest of us, the duo also released a new music video for their song, Lullaby recently cause, ya know, down time.  There was nothing else going on for those 3 minutes.

We’d also like to take a moment to wish Jocelyn a very happy birthday and an amazing year to come.  If the start of it is any indication, it surely will be and we’ll be hearing a lot more from both Chris and Jocelyn, two very talented people who were just a total joy to hang out with.

Cozy up and swing your feet with us while you learn a little more, won’t you?




Melissa Lynn Walker
-The Fuze Magazine

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