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Dear lovers of comedy,

When one thinks of the name Jim Breuer, you can’t help but to think about how he perfected improvisational character comedy. I’m happy to say Jim has gracefully transformed from his adolescent Typecast years on SNL, to a performer of true satirical wisdom. His recent show at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona was a masterful delight of comedic darkness with splashes optimistic statements like, “yoga pants are sexual harassment to men.” That statement alone Jim Breuer tells a story about how his wife of 24 years is exhausted, taking care of their family of three while, wearing yoga pants. He talks about how she ends up doing laundry and bends over … Well; I’ll leave it up to your imagination, what he explains next. It’s moments like these, Jim has the ability to make awful mundane life task, and brilliantly makes it shine. Along with I’m pretty sure after watching the show, almost every woman in the crowd … well now, owns a pair of yoga pants.

Jim also so talked about things that are hard to describe, in a comedic atmosphere, like nursing homes and his mother’s death. He truthfully talks about how he went to go visit his mother in a nursing home, and how some of the caregivers of the patients were below par. He bellows out at one point in the bit, “I pay $10,000 a month for this, and you can’t even wipe her face off?” Then in a Jim Breuer fashion, he sits on a stool, physically acting out what it would be like to a startled nurse, at one of these below par locations. Jim begins acting like he’s fluffing a pillow and then makes a few gestural moves like he’s trying to sit up a flaccid barely alive human being barely sitting in a hospital bed. Then Jim started saying things that the startled nurse would think to say, “Oh she just ate, let me wipe her face off.” All the while trying to push and keep the patient in an upright position. You can’t help but feel horrible laughing at this story, yet Jim’s dark reaction was so truthfully profound. It was over-exaggerated, yet probably a true traumatic life event that happened to him. Typically, comedy doesn’t work when a comedian tries pointing out, the funny in the most horrible of times. Yet somehow this once stoners lead, in the movie Half Baked, has made it an art.

He eventually lightens up the mood talking about the time he went to go see Metallica at the age of 50 and how he drinks only IPA’s. Jim breaks down how wonderful IPA’s are because they are so strong. He points out half way through, you’re drunk along with how he really doesn’t have a lot of time to catch a buzz because of his kids. While Jim is at the Metallica, he runs into other guys who are at the show. Guess what? They happen to be in their 50s and drinking IPA’s. When they all noticed each other, they knew that they were going to go to the show together and “Rage.” Next thing you know, Jim points out how the raging only lasted for 30 seconds once Metallica started playing. One by one the men started dropping like flies due to bad backs, joints, Etc. …  Jim then starts acting out how each and every one of those “dudes,” used to be young cool. Yet some physical element limited their effort, to relive a carefree adolescent experience. I felt Jim’s theme for the show was about the transitional stages we experience in life. He talks about his daughters being little, and overnight they are at the mall with tight pants and wearing makeup. In Jim’s mind, he felt like his daughters were catcalling. All the while boys are awkward with long torsos, big heads, and clumsily attempting to play basketball.

Jim closes the show up on how he pretty much ended up doing stand-up comedy. He would do impressions while hosting rock shows in his local town. This point of tangency reference was to lead us to the familiar bit of goat boy. Everyone loved it, yet it almost seemed even too cliché for Jim Breuer to perform.  Yet it was a beautiful ending, for an exquisite evening of laughter. The show still has me thinking a lot about the aging process of life and the truths about relationships. I really appreciated Breuer’s concept to comedy. His layers of reality that were perfectly twisted into laughter! At the end of the day, comedy is about escaping the harsh task life can drop in our laps. Jim Breuer, thank you, your show was definitely something us middle-agers need to witness!







Sincerely, a retired comedian,
Jenny Red / The Fuze Magazine
Photos by Renee Clark / Twin Images / The Fuze Magazine


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