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homelessThe Hope House located at 130 Eagle St., Utica was established in 1992 and has served more than 99,703 people. The hungry and homeless have come to rely upon at least one daily meal at Hope House. They have also provided countless hours of safe haven from the streets for the people who are their guests, many of whom feel that they come to Hope House to be with “Family”. In many instances, we constitute their only stable and caring environment.

Their primary purpose of the Hope House is to offer homeless or needy individuals and its environs a daytime opportunity for shelter, a hot nutritious meal and referral, if desired, to any needed human service.


Help make a difference in the lives of others. If you have a group large or small looking to volunteer for a meal, a day, or a regularly scheduled day of service, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Whether you’re with a school, a local business, or just want to make a difference on your own, we have volunteer opportunities of all shapes and sizes. For more information, call 793-3723.


Hope House accepts donations large and small. Every little bit helps us with our mission of caring for those in need. If you would like Hope House to be the benefactor of your next fundraiser, or if you’re just looking for a great local cause to support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Financial donation can be mailed to us or you can contact us for additional information about how you can help. For more information, call 793-3723.

5 Statistics about Homelessness You Probably Didn’t Know

homelessExplaining the epidemic of homelessness in the United States takes a great deal of understanding on the part of everyone who lives here. Although it’s been portrayed in media as a destitute situation seemingly inhabited by very specific subsets of people, homelessness affects more people than we initially realize. While there are plenty of statistics you can research to better understand this situation, the following are five statistics which illustrate the fact that homelessness can affect anyone and does in fact affect everyone– whether directly or indirectly

1. Over 38% of all who are homeless are families. Far from the image conjured in a middle class American’s mind; homelessness doesn’t just affect people who are on their own. Families are a large part of it as well.

2. Greater than 15% of Americans are below the poverty line. The number of those who are homeless is greater than the national unemployment statistic, which means that there are people who are employed and still can’t afford to pay for housing. Likely this is because state minimum wage is less than required for a person with a steady job to afford a one bedroom apartment. Because of market pricing, those who are employed aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be able to afford a home.

3. One in five children (around 20%) is homeless. Tied into the statistic about the number of homeless families is the statistic that around 20% of children lives in a homeless situation. Chances are that you’ve encountered a homeless child or family in your day-to-day based solely on this sort of statistic.

4. Around 40% of homeless children are below the age of six. Of the families with children who are homeless, approximately one in two and a half children are without a home.

5. There are about 1.7 million homeless teenagers. Of these teens, about half of them report that their parents either threw them out or knew they were leaving and didn’t care. Teenagers living on their own without steady housing are more likely to suffer as victims of assault.

Homelessness affects everyone, whether as a part of your community, your circle of friends, or even your family. Getting informed is just the first step to making your community a better and safer place. Be sure to research ways to get involved in a local volunteer effort. Every bit of help goes towards making a difference in your community and your world.

The Hope House is in the process of updating their Web site. Please keep a look out for hopehouseutica.org.

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