Great White comes FULL CIRCLE at TS CASINO

Photo Credit: Neil Zlozower


When you think of 80’s Rock N’ Roll certain bands tend to stand out in the memory bank and one of those in particular is Great White.  Their music takes you back to dancing around as a child listening to your parents’ radio, playing air guitar in your car after you popped in a cassette into the tape player or looking through concert pictures of yesteryear that you have cherished throughout time. Not many bands can withstand the test of the hourglass, but Great White is in that elite class.  The band has endured many ups and downs just like the rest of us and continues rocking out venues all over the country, all the while keeping their passion of music alive by creating new music.  We recently got the chance to chat with Michael Lardie of this legendary band; touching base on some of the bands history, their new album “Full Circle” and many other topics prior to their show at the Turning Stone Resort Casino Showroom at 8 p.m., Friday, July 7 accompanied by Rock icons – Slaughter. The casino is located at 5218 Patrick Road in Verona.

Please take a moment to listen to our interview, watch their new video “Big Time” and MAKE SURE you grab tickets to one of their shows – These will surely be hard to come by if you wait.  Cheers!





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