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imageNow that the holiday season is upon us, I think it would be prudent to talk about ways you can get into the Christmas spirit. A lot of people think this time of year can be depressing, but there are many ways to make yourself feel good inside and ladies, I’m not talking about anything that uses batteries. Let’s see what we can do to get into the spirit!

One thing that will help you get into the holiday mood is right in your own home. It’s a magical box called television. Don’t watch the news. These days that is just depressing. Tune into some of the family channels for feel good Christmas movies and reruns of those terrible sitcoms from the 90’s that always taught us a lesson at the end. The only lesson I ever learned was that Uncle Jesse and Urkel would be asking if I “wanted fries with that” if it wasn’t for a shortage of intelligent network executives. All of these cheesy movies and shows on those channels can put anyone in the holiday mood. The snow, the singing, the laughter, the love and in the end everyone is happy and cheerful. I should say that I’m going by assumption on this, because my favorite Christmas movie is Gremlins.

I know that your senses can get you in the mood, as well. The sights, sounds and smells associated with the holiday season can put almost anyone in the holiday spirit! Snow covered trees, the sound of Christmas music coming from the radio as well as the smell of pine trees and cookies will bring Christmas alive in your head. Of course this is situational to how you generally spend your holidays. Maybe down south, you don’t need snow or pine trees. Maybe you hate Christmas music. Maybe you’re diabetic and the smell of cookies just pisses you off. For me, I just need the image of a garland decorated stripper pole, heavy metal Christmas carols and a beer scented candle and I’m a regular Tiny Effing Tim.

Another way is to give to those less fortunate. Giving can really bring forth all of those feelings you’re looking for… There are so many charities that you can give to or you can even donate some of your time. The great thing about donating money is that you can rely on someone else to put it to good use. I have never donated my time, but I am a big donator of food and clothing. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a homeless man wearing something you donated, especially when you go up to him and say, “Whatever your going to do while wearing those pants, I’ve done worse in them.” For me donating to those less fortunate means getting lap dances from strippers with a B cup or smaller.

Whatever you need to do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit, do it. This time of year, you should be thankful for what you have and want to share it with others, so I don’t have to… If a fat, bearded guy who has to work every Christmas can be jolly, then so can you. By the way, I’m not referring to myself. I rarely work on Christmas.

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I'm just a guy who loves the simple things in life. I play bass, love craft beer and enjoy all things horror. I spend my time walking or hiking with my dog, going out to restaurants, bars and to see local bands . I stay up late and get up early. My idea of a great time is sitting on the shore of any body of water and having a beer.

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