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Anthology was a happening place recently. With two tour buses parked outside, fans lined the sidewalk waiting for the doors to open for the one and only Gary Allan. Downtown Rochester has several bars in walking distance from Anthology, but being Anthology is a concert venue it draws fans from near and far. I had a chance to talk to a few of the fans in the front row that traveled up from Georgia and go to all of Gary Allan’s shows in the Northeast.

Mitchell Tenpenny opened the show for Gary Allan and even with his solo acoustic set he did a hell of a job entertaining the crowd. Much of his songs were covers, but he did get the crowd singing along with his set list. He even got the crowd to sing along to a song he wrote called “Alcohol You Later.” Tenpenny has opened for many headliners and has been involved in writing music for other musicians. He also lingered around the bar with fans to sign autographs and take some photos.

Gary Allan had no trouble packing Anthology with hardly any standing room left. For a man who has been around for more than 20 years – he still has it as if he was fresh into his career. His 8 piece band showed the fans of Upstate NY just what a country concert is all about. Mr. Allan himself jams out on the guitar and fans just can’t get enough. Allan a man of his own music isn’t like today’s country/pop music stars, he stands similar to the old school favorites we’ve heard being played on our radios for many decades. GA and his band threw out handfuls of guitar picks to the fans at the end of the show and Gary went along the front row signing autographs. With a solid show from start to finish with roughly a 90 min set GA let it all out on stage for the fans to remember a night long time to come. Upstate NY will welcome Mr. Allan to back anytime he’s ready.

Set list: “Tough All Over” “Radio” “Man To Man” “Guys Like Me” “Do You Wish It Was Me” “Smoke Rings” “Sand In My Soul” “It Ain’t The Whiskey” “Half Of My Mistakes” “Her Man” “Get Off On The Pain” “Mess Me Up” “Songs About Rain” “Airplanes” “California” “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” “Best I Ever Had” “Man Of Me” “Right Where I Need To Be” “Every Storm” “Fast As You” “Drinking Dark Whiskey Show

The show was brought to you by: Back II Back Entertainment & Anthology (Phil Fitzsimmons)





Roger Johnston / Captured Momentz Photography / The Fuze Magazine


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