For the Love of Autumn!


imageAutumn is in the air. Almost everyone I know loves this season. The smells of pumpkin pie and apple cider fill the crisp air. Couples are planning romantic outings to experience nature, during this time of year. Everyone is getting out their Halloween decorations and the kids are back in school. We finally get the hour back that we lost earlier. This all boils down to some very important things: food, candy and no kids.

Fall can be a very romantic time in Central New York. We have some of the best apple orchards in the country and who doesn’t think that picking apples with your sweetie is a great way to spend the day? Well, probably anyone who worked at an orchard. I worked at a factory for many years and not once did I ever believe it would be romantic to walk hand in hand around the factory floor and gaze in each other’s eyes lovingly as we make refrigerator parts. Now, I’ve never been accused of being a Romeo, but I can’t imagine being emotionally stimulated by the changing of the leaves. “Hey, honey. I know your yard is full of trees, but wouldn’t it be fun to go see more trees?” I might change my tune if that theory could be equated to strippers, as well. “Hey, baby. I know you have boobs, but wouldn’t it be fun if we went to see more of them?”

The kids have gone back to school. That means the parents get a much needed break for a few hours. Unfortunately, it also means helping with homework, attending school assemblies, sporting events and for my parents and I’m sure some of you out there, it also means several visits to the principal’s office.(apparently it’s ok to be smarter than your teachers, but only if you don’t point it out) School can be very stressful for children. Learning is mentally and physically exhausting, so cut them a little slack. They may sleep a little later, eat a little more and make a mess of the house(it’s kind of like owning farm animals that can talk back), but at least they’re generally embarrassed any time you make an appearance within three miles of them and their friends. Don’t worry parents, they’ll be out of the house soon enough and you’ll have a few years of peace, until they put you in a home where you can eat, sleep and make messes that would rival any child.

The best part of Fall is food!!! The smell and taste of pumpkin is everywhere. It’s in your coffee, your pies, your alcohol, your candles, your cookies and I think it’s even possible to go to your local hardware store and get yourself a nice pumpkin scented hammer. It is the prime time to get fresh apple cider, which is always good warmed up on a chilly night, as you wait in line outside to get your picture taken with the largest pumpkin grown in your county. Let’s not forget about the greatest holiday known to man… Halloween! The abundance of candy you find at this time of year is unrivaled and who doesn’t enjoy all of the horror movies that bombard us every time we turn on the tv?! We get to hand out all of said candy to small people in disguises who knock on our doors at night. If the same thing happened in May, we would be calling the police. That’s the magic of Autumn. Plus, it’s the only time you can get smaller versions of regular sized candy and call it “fun size”. If only that term could also be used for certain parts of the male anatomy.

I plan to enjoy my Fall with pumpkin beer and coffee, horror movies and a massive amount of leaf raking. Be sure to take advantage of every moment of this wonderful season. Let’s face it, Autumn is just Mother Nature’s way of saying, “I’m giving you a couple months to prepare for cold temperatures, high winds and snowstorms that are anything but “fun size”.

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About: Ted Snyder

I'm just a guy who loves the simple things in life. I play bass, love craft beer and enjoy all things horror. I spend my time walking or hiking with my dog, going out to restaurants, bars and to see local bands . I stay up late and get up early. My idea of a great time is sitting on the shore of any body of water and having a beer.

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