Felix Martin – Mechanical Nations – Album Review


If you’re looking for something a little different and something to challenge your conception of the stringed instrument, I suggest you check out the latest offering from Felix Martin, entitled Mechanical Nations. Felix Martin melds together rock and metal with a Latin influence into this self-produced instrumental masterpiece. Unlike a lot of instrumental albums, this isn’t track after track of guitar solos with a band in the background. Mechanical Nations sees a band come together alongside of the unique two handed tapping style of Martin’s extended stringed instruments. Working as a complete unit, the rhythm section melds together with Martin’s one of a kind playing to provide the listener with a supreme instrumental album, unlike any other being recorded today.

Felix uses his arsenal of extended stringed instruments to pump out a progressive 15 track album influenced by the South American industrial culture. He takes the extended string idea to a whole new level by playing 14 and 16 string guitars he designs himself. A Berklee trained musician, Martin can write and play melodies that are both rhythmic and progressive, without intimidating the listener with a bevy of note and time signature changes. This is illustrated perfectly on tracks like “Bom” and the official video of “Flashback” both of which can be seen on YouTube. Felix can be seen on his upcoming tour of the north eastern United States with Consider the Source that includes a stop in Albany, NY at The Hollow on Saturday, March 18.


Felix Martin 4-1-1
Web site: https://www.felixmartin.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felixmartinmusic/
Store: Amazon, itunes and his official web store

Ted Snyder / The Fuze Magazine

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