The Empire Plate’s exposing Upstate NY culinary for its greatness


Bill and Ryan Vinci

Bill and Ryan Vinci

Bill Vinci and his son Ryan have created a unique show The Empire Plate that will change the restaurant world. With an extensive background in the restaurant business and growing up in an Italian restaurant – Vinci’s in Rome the two came up with an idea to travel all over Central New York and sample some of the best culinary delights this area has to offer all while filming it so the rest of the world can see all the hot spots of the restaurant world, how they prepare their food and what their customers have to say about the place. And, that is when The Empire Plate was born. They also will bring on a culinary journey with an array of ethnic restaurants, diners, coffeehouses, bakeries and so much – they are just getting started. So, let them be your guide and let me help you pick the next restaurant you travel too. Bill sums it the best: “We are just 2 normal guys who have a passion for good food and looking for a great experience.” For more information, visit

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Get the inside scoop from Bill Vinci himself. He was kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions.


Empire2Fuze: For those of our audience who have not heard of (Name of his endeavor, its changed) Please explain what you and your company do in a few words?

Bill Vinci: The name of the show is The Empire Plate and the purpose of the show is to showcase all restaurants in New York, food atmosphere, drinks and the people.



Fuze: Who is involved with the on location showcases and how many people work behind the scenes?

Bill Vinci: There are usually 3-4 people including the camera man, myself, my son and the producer on the set of a show and the owner of the restaurant.


Fuze:  Explain from start to finish of what the showcases involve?

Bill Vinci: We start with the intro giving a little preview of where we are and then greet the owner asking a few questions about their place and any special things they do there. Then we go in the kitchen and chef prepares a couple specialty dishes for my tasting pleasure and they show how they prepare them and I taste and say what I think. Then we shut down till dinner and when dinner rush comes in we show lots of food coming out being served and the bar scene. We also talk to some of the customers asking them questions. After that we do my closing scene in my experience and that’s a wrap.


Fuze:  What encouraged you to start this endeavor?

Bill Vinci: I grew up in a family that owned a restaurant business for over 25 years Vinci’s. I have a passion for food so my son Ryan and I put this together to give people in area options that they may never have had.


Fuze:  What is your favorite part of showcasing restaurants?

Bill Vinci: My favorite 3 things about this are the people I meet – so many great people, the food of course I usually try anything and the travel involved – I go all over and find places you never knew existed.


Empire4Fuze:  So we hear you are going to be possibly networking with other media outlets in the future, how would this benefit your company and the community also?

Bill Vinci: We are always looking to network with many media outlets including newspapers, radio television and social media. And, we are also working on getting into other cities to get the word out; we are not just a Rome/Utica show.


Fuze:  What areas do you currently cover and areas you would like to cover in the future?

Bill Vinci: We have had 9 shows so far – 7 in Rome, 1 in Utica, and 1 in Camden. We are looking to cover all of New York State starting local, but will be doing Syracuse, Hamilton, Old Forge, Sylvan Beach, Herkimer, Albany, Saratoga and very possibly NYC.


Here is a list of their upcoming shows

March 26th Daniele’s Valley View Country Club Jeffery E. Daniels Jr.
March 30th Mojos Cafe Carlene Chmura Daniels
April 8th Knuckleheads Brew House
April 9th The Lotus Garden Noodle & Sushi House Chenda Phou
April 16th Mel’s at 22 Brian Wrubleski
April 20 Schneider’s Bakery
April 23 Rise N Shine Diner Danielle Mercuri Campolito
April 29th The Big Cheese Alice Rinaldo
May 7th The Spaghetti Kettle Bill Demma
May 13th Napoleons Cafe Delos Burdick
May 26th Chesterfield’s Tuscan Oven Dominique Borruso

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