Emotional Roller Coasters Make Me Queasy


imageWell, it has been an emotional week for me. Ok, maybe not emotional, but I’ve watched others while they experienced emotions and that can be just as taxing. There have been firsts and new beginnings as well as reminiscing over old times all in just one week. This is especially tough for me, because I like to limit my activity to work, drinking, eating and sitting.

I watched my youngest great niece (yes, I know, I look entirely too young to have any great relatives) get on the bus for her first day of preschool this week. She couldn’t have been happier or more independent, which is her general personality, anyway. I watched as her mother had a tear in her eye and it made me choke up a little. Not because I witnessed each of my three nieces go through school (they all happen to be amazing parents) and now their children are off to new chapters in life, but I’m disconsolate, because I’m old. I observe my adorable niece get on the bus and my first thought is, “I’m glad I don’t have to ride a bus anymore. Those seats would be murder on my back.” Parents all over the country are sad, because their little ones are becoming more independent as they go off to school. I, on the other hand am seeing the bigger picture. Soon, these kids will be graduating, going to college, getting married and having families of their own. That puts me in a state of melancholy, because it appears that the purchasing of birthday, graduation, wedding and countless other presents will not end, until I am so old that the only gift I can give is something I leave in my adult diaper.

That was the first dip in my emotional roller coaster. Honestly my roller coaster is more like a monorail; it just goes along at one level, until it stops at the station, otherwise known as the bar stool. Now comes the slow climb of said coaster. I went to see a band with my oldest great nephew (he’s 13) and my brother, who likes to refer to himself as the patriarch of the family. That’s just another way of saying, “I’m the oldest living male in the family, now where did I put my keys, glasses and pants?” My nephew is taller than I am (not the most impressive accomplishment), hysterically funny and very intelligent. This is an upside, because I see potential in him. The potential to earn enough money in his adult life to be able to take care of me when I get old. That is very encouraging! I had always thought that my oldest niece would be the one to take care of me when I got elderly, but she may consider taking care of me as putting a pillow over my face until my arms stop flailing and I must admit that I respect that most of all!

Here comes the dreaded loop in the coaster that I didn’t see coming until the safety bar was already locked down. I saw an old friend this week. He was one of my closest friends throughout high school. We reminisced about old times, our Glory Days, as Springsteen would say and then we got into the present day. Marriage, children, success in career and life, all of which I have yet to experience. He is a very successful businessman, with a beautiful family and a house in the suburbs. Here comes the loop! While I am incredibly envious of his success in life, the the fact that I don’t have a family and house in suburbia is the point in the ride where I put my hands in the air and scream with delight! We are both happy with where we are in our lives, but let’s face it, if we could, we would go back to the summer of our graduation and relive it over and over, until we died of alcohol poisoning or an STD (Severely Ticked off Dad).

This has been an eventful few days, to say the least. The closest I’ve ever been to an emotional roller coaster, before this week, was getting tangled up in the chains of my ex girlfriend’s mood swing(another ride that I found less than enjoyable). After all of this, the worst part is that there is still no nationally recognized Aunts and Uncles Day. Where are my flowers and chocolates?!

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