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The debut release from modern rock band EDGE OF FREE displays a unique passion and honesty not seen too often in new music. Their songs tell the dark, haunting stories of addiction, love, loss, recovery and survival. Only someone who has actually gone through these things could bring such spirit and intensity to telling a story through music. Based around a combination of acoustic and heavy guitar riffs alongside soaring vocals that cut right to your soul, EDGE OF FREE’s debut offering takes you on a musical journey of tragedy and triumph. Each of the eight tracks makes you feel like you are alongside singer, Scott Sneddon as he guts through the struggles of depression and addiction. Guitarist, John Hussey brings the lyrics to life with his bold and dynamic musical style. Together, John and Scott earnestly convey the extreme emotion of the battles they experienced throughout life and the completion of this album.

With eight tracks of gut wrenching songs, EDGE OF FREE’s debut brings their emotions to the forefront. Anyone who has experienced rough patches, addiction or loss can identify with every song on this album. Songs like Blood Eagle, Pushin’ The Needle and Pony (check out the official video on YouTube), these guys will have the modern rock scene in the palm of their hands and an ever growing fan base. Producer, Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn, Tantric) has hooked up with Scott and John to create a winning combination for their first release. Be sure to grab the debut album from EDGE OF FREE as soon as you can and look for more impassioned music from them in the future.


Edge of Free 4-1-1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edgeoffree/
Web site: https://edgeoffree.com/
Downloads: Google Play, itunes, Amazon


Ted Snyder / The Fuze Magazine


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