Deerfield Fire Department hosts Firematics

Deerfield Firematics


R0725_Drill_PS_C.jpgThe Deerfield Volunteer Fire Company Inc. is hosting the 2014 New York State Volunteer Firemen’s Parade and Motorized Firematic Competition. The firematics will take place Saturday, Aug. 16 and the parade is Sunday, Aug. 17 at the T. Raymond Ruskey Training Facility, 5476 Trenton Road, Deerfield. This will be the 5th time since 1988 that Deerfield has been chosen to host this event.

Ever since the beginning of the fire service, when ladders, hoses – and even buckets – were invented as a way to extinguish fires, there was always a spirit of competition among firefighters as to who could be the first to extinguish the fire. In these early days, a monetary reward was paid to those who were able to extinguish a fire. Out of this spirit of competition grew a unique form of racing team, which although can be found in a few different areas across the United States, has its roots with and is most widely practiced in the Long Island region of New York State.

What began long ago as simple, unsophisticated footraces have evolved into season-long competitions between numerous rival racing teams, with several different classes of competition, along with officiating and modern equipment.

New York State Championship Motorized Firematics
Tournament & Parade:

Motorized Firematics Tournament: 9 a.m., Saturday Aug. 16 at the Deerfield Volunteer Fire Co. Fireman’s Field, 5476 Trenton Road, Deerfield. There will be more than 40 teams from all over NY (Long Island, Western, NY & Northern, NY) participating in the tournament. Admission: $10/Adults; $5 children 5-12.

Fireman’s Parade: 1 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 17 on Trenton Road in Deerfield. There will be more than 40 Departments from all over NYS participating along with more than 14 marching bands.

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