Ded – Mis.An.Thrope – Album Review


An Aggressive Debut

Ded is bringing its dark style hardcore to the masses with their full length debut album, Mis.An.Thrope. This album has an aggressive backbone and an in your face style that should make every hardcore fan stand up and take notice. Hailing from Phoenix, Ded has been pounding out a familiar, yet unique sound in this genre for over two years. A foundation of punishing bass and drum work is the basis for their aggressive, heavy riffs and skull shattering vocals, which bring forth a dark imagery, reminiscent of that feeling you get when you’re watching a horror movie that has you on the edge of your seat. Their lyrics go beyond the average angry subject matter in many hardcore songs, delving into themes like ego and existentialism. This hardcore masterpiece should echo the feelings of many people working through life in this ever changing and challenging world.

Ded’s influences range from KORN (which is evident in tracks such as Disassociate and their top 20 Active Rock Radio single, “Anti Everything”) to Pantera, as well as newer bands, like Slipknot. Their first video for the killer track “FMFY” was released in 2016 and more recently Ded has released another video for their single, “Remember The Enemy,” both of which can be found on YouTube. Ded made a name hitting the stage in support of metal acts like Powerman 5000, Atreyu and John 5, just to name a few. Now, you can hear their monster sound as they head out on tour with KORN and at metal festivals around the US.





Ded 4-1-1
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Ted Snyder / The Fuze Magazine


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