Dave Snediker – Album Review – ‘Let It Ride’


davenIf Jimmy Buffett and Florence Welch had a baby, and then that baby joined The Tragically Hip, the result might be something like “Let It Ride,” the easy going 4th solo release from Central New York native Dave Snediker. When it came to his creative vision, Dave says, “I wanted to write a catchy album. Something you could hum along to.” The vocalist wears many hats throughout this 8 song LP, including that of guitarist, drummer, and ukulele player, however he also brings along a few friends to feature during various tracks. Among the contributors are Nick Piccininni on violin, Michael Galime on horns, Rob Paulings on bass and Joanna Levine who contributed vocals on the first track, “Well Runs Dry.” This song also kicks off the vibe of the album, which is easy and breezy with plenty of relaxed rhythms. The folk infused jam band number “Let It Ride” follows a similar suit, offering up vocals and a horn section that immediately draws a comparison to Phish.

Overall the album shifts between slower ballad style songs such as “Thanks” and “City,” and a blusier classic rock style, ala the funky “One Chance.” Arguably the stand out however is “Talkin’ About Love.” This vintage throwback track seems to pay homage to the rock icons of yesteryear such as Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis. To aid in the retro record ambiance, Snediker paired his Washburn with an old Hohner guitar, and recorded with the microphone across the room to give the song an ambient, old school sound.

If you enjoy laid back rock and roll with touches of the blues, alternative, folk and/or contemporary, then “Let It Ride” deserves a listen. Snediker has been in the music game for over 25 years now, and his love for what he does is easily apparent. You can check out this and all of Dave’s albums on Bandcamp or his Web site at davesnediker.com


Kelly Mason / The Fuze Magazine


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